Pokémon Unite coming to iOS and iPadOS

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Nintendo recently announced that Pokémon Unite, until now only available on Nintendo Switch, will also arrive on devices iOS and iPadOS. According to what has been revealed, the title will be available starting from September 22, 2021. Let’s find out all the details of the title together.

Pokémon Unite will arrive on iOS and iPadOS

Pokémon Unite is a gioco multiplayer online free-to-play which was first released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st. Within the title, players must face off in dynamic five-way battles during which they must do what they can cooperate with their comrades team up to catch wild Pokémon.

They also have to level up ed to evolve their Pokémon and strategically defeat opponents. To win the game, in fact, each player must earn more points than the opposing team within the stipulated time.

Cross-platform play is already available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has revealed that, starting in September, it will also arrive on mobile devices, allowing players to link their accounts on both versions of the game for synchronize their progression, saved data and characters.

Pre-registration and registration for receive a notification when the game becomes available for download it is now available on App Store e Google Play Store (the title will also arrive on Android). Nintendo said that if the pre-registration for the mobile version of the game reaches 2.5 million of users, players will receive a “Pikachu Unite” or “Aeos Coins” license. If, on the other hand, the pre-registrations reach i five millions, players will receive a “Holowear-Festival Style: Pikachu”.

If you too are curious and want to try the title on your device, you can pre-register through the official website.

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