Facebook: here is the list of the most viewed contents of the social network

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Facebook has just released a new report on the content most viewed by American users in recent months. According to the results, at the top of the ranking, among others, we find a post from President Biden, a 5 Minute Craft video and a discussion about sugar and how good it is to put it on noodles. Facebook’s report comes in response to frequent reports that some of the platform’s posts with the most interactions come from the American radical right, which critics say could have a radicalizing effect on users.

Facebook publishes a report on the platform’s most viewed content

Facebook with this report then showed what people actually see on the platform, that it is not necessarily the same content that gets the most interactions. The social media also stated that it will create these relationships in the future on a quarterly basis. Wednesday’s report covers the public feed content seen by US Facebook users between early April and late June. Contains sections showing the top 20 domains, links, pages and posts in terms of views.

Looking at the list published by the social network, there are no particular surprises. Popular domains include sites like YouTube, UNICEF, Spotify e CBS News, while the most viewed pages include an account called “Woof Woof” and “Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons”. The seventh most viewed link is an adorable GIF of kittens while the third is the UNICEF response page for the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Although the contents of the report may be interesting, they are not exactly representative of everything that Facebook users enjoy through the social network. Facebook itself states in the report that the best-ranked posts are less than 0.1 percent of the content viewed by US users of the site. According to the report, the percentage is also similar for the top 20 external links.

Another quibble is that the views shown by the Facebook report refer only to public content: posts shared in private groups or profiles are not included, as it would be an invasion of privacy.

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