Pokémon UNITE: Delphox and the eighth battle pass arrive

Pokémon UNITE: disponibili Delphox e l'ottavo pass di lotta thumbnail

Pokémon UNITE it continues to grow and renew itself. L’eighth fight pass of the game, titled Stars of Struggle, is now available. Until next July 20, the pass will guarantee a large number of rewards, fashion items and Holowear including the Champion Style (Dragonite), the Martial Style (Lucario) and the Armor Style (Sylveon). Like every UNITE battle pass, the new one also features 60 levels with lots of missions to complete. For gamers, therefore, there is a lot of content to discover.

Pokémon UNITE is renewed: in addition to the battle pass there is Delphox

It should also be noted that Pokémon UNITE, in addition to the new battle pass, also records the Delphox debut. It is a Long-range strikeror able to hit opponents with fiery moves. Note that the fight is joined by Fennekin who will evolve into Braixen at level 4 and then into Delphox at level 6. With Help Fire, Delphox is also able to inflict additional damage on his opponents using a move when he has low HP.

It should be noted that Delphox enriches the Pokémon UNITE roster by making its own available as well Unite move. It is a Festival Pyromagic. This move is capable of inflicting continuous damage to opponents in the indicated area of ​​effect. At the same time, the move can reduce movement speed and HP recovery.

All the details about the game are available on the official site.

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