Pokémon Unite: Guide to Comfey, new support character

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The Pokemon Comfey finally joins the roster of characters in Pokemon Unite. Let’s find out all the characteristics of him in this dedicated article

This is news that will appeal to all gamers still active on Pokémon Unitehas in fact landed on the island of Heos Comfeya pokemon long-range support which could represent an important step towards victory for the team. In this article we are going to examine all the characteristics by analyzing the new little monster that is added to an already full-bodied roster.

Pokémon Unite: A Closer Look at Comfey

Comfey is a kind pokémon fiore and his Primacura ability is based precisely on gathering them. Comfey will get a flower after a relative countdown and will get four by sheltering in the tall grass, however, he can only own up to eight clubs at the same time. The flowers will be consumed by using her Synthesis, Flower Care, or Sweet Kiss skills, and the effect of the moves will be enhanced. Comfey will receive a movement speed bonus if it is near an allied Pokémon whose Health Points are half or less.

And that’s not all because it can hook up with an ally how much he will use his skills, and in this status he cannot be hit and will recover gradually Health Points. His link to the allied Pokémon will last until the ally is knocked down or until Comfey himself decides to use the Untie ability. If the ally accumulates energy more than its maximum Comfey will receive the excess, and if the ally it is connected to scores a goal, Comfey also scores a goal with the same amount of energy. Everything is fine third basic attack from Comfey becomes an empowered attack that gives him 2 flowers and will deal damage to opponents.

Comfey it will be possible to get it at the cost of 12,000 monet Heos or 575 gemme Heos at the Lotta Unite Association. For the first seven days after Comfey is available, it can only be obtained in exchange for Heos Gems.

Pokémon Unite: Guide to Comfey, new support character

Pokemon Unite: Comfey’s moves at Lv. 1 and 2


If Comfey is not bonded to an ally, he bonded to the indicated ally and shielded them. If he instead he is linked to an ally, the latter recovers PS. The ally recovers more HP the more flowers are consumed. If Comfey unfastens, she moves in the indicated direction.


Comfey sticks with slender whip-like lianas in front of you, dealing damage to opponents in the area of ​​effect and reducing their movement speed for a while.

Pokémon Unite: Guide to Comfey, new support character

Pokémon Unite: Comfey’s moves at Lv. 4

Floral Care

If Comfey is not bonded to an ally, he bonded to the indicated ally and shielded them. If he, on the other hand, is linked to an ally, the latter recovers HP. The ally recovers more HP the more flowers are consumed in this way. HP recovered in excess of the ally’s maximum HP is converted into a shield. If Comfey unties, it moves in the indicated direction. If Flower Heal is boosted, the movement speed of the ally Comfey is attached to increases for a while.


If Comfey is not linked to an ally, it locks onto the indicated ally and protects it with a shield. If instead it is linked to an ally, it builds up strength to then make the opponents in the area of ​​effect infatuated. Infatuated opponents can’t help but approach Comfey. The longer he builds up strength, the greater the area of ​​effect; moreover, the more flowers are consumed, the longer the opponents’ infatuation lasts. If Comfey unfastens, he moves in the indicated direction. If Sweet Kiss is boosted, while Comfey builds strength, the movement speed of the ally it is linked to increases.

Pokémon Unite: Guide to Comfey, new support character

Pokémon Unite: Comfey’s moves at Lv. 6

magic leaf

Comfey scatters three strange leaves per second for a certain amount of time. The leaves target opponents in an area of ​​effect and deal damage to them when they hit them. They can also deal damage to opponents hiding in tall grass. If the same opponent takes damage from this move six times, he becomes unable to act. If used while Comfey is bonded to an ally, the move’s area of ​​effect increases. If Leaf Magic is boosted, the number of leaves scattered per second increases to four.


Comfey throws grass in the indicated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and making them unable to move. This move can hit up to two opponents. If two opponents are hit, the one further away will be pulled towards the closer one, dealing additional damage to both. If Grasssnare is boosted, its area of ​​effect increases.


Comfey spawns a large area of ​​tall grass around itself. The Pokémon inside it cannot be seen, just like in the tall grass of the map. If allies enter this tall grass, they gradually recover HP while they are inside. Comfey gets special flowers from this tall grass: consuming them empowers Flower Heal and Sweet Kiss.

Pokémon Unite: Guide to Comfey, new support character

The final analysis

Comfey is the first Pokémon in Pokémon Unite that is able to remain invulnerable to damage for an extended period of time, in which he can also offer non-stop support to allies! Flower Heal allows Comfey to bond with an allied Pokémon and heal it; at the same time, it can safely hit and block opponents with Magic Leaf or Grasssnare.

If the chosen strategy requires to focus on the offensive, Comfey can use Sweet Kiss instead of Flower Heal to bond with an ally and infatuate opponents, which can then easily be dealt with by teammates. Comfey is the perfect support for those Pokémon that benefit from the increased resistance offered by Flower Healing and the additional obstacles created by Sweet Kiss, Magical Leaf and Grasssnare.

A combination centered around Flower Heal and Grasssnare is effective when laced with strong Comfey long-range Attackers like Cinderace and Dragapult. Flower Heal keeps them healthy, while Grasssnare can stop the advance of Aggressive speedsters like Absol or Zoroark. The same combination can work well when Comfey is laced right into Speedsters, as they often have low stamina and would take advantage of Grasssnare’s hindering effects.

Comfey can also switch to Sweet Kiss over Flower Heal when it’s more likely to latch onto tough Defenders like Snorlax, Slowbro, or Trevenant. These Pokémon need less healing and can take advantage of obstacles created by Comfey if the latter chooses a moveset that includes Sweet Kiss and Magic Leaf or Grasssnare.

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