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TIM: downtime and disservices throughout Italy

If you are having problems with TIMit will comfort you to know that you are not alone: the service is down throughout the country. Starting this morning, Sunday 5 February 2023, numerous users from all over Italy have begun to complain about generalized disservices, especially as regards the fixed internet network.

This is confirmed by Downdector.it, a portal that collects reports from online users, highlighting any problems with the most disparate services.

Sunday 5 February 2023: what we know about the TIM downtime

The first reports on the portal appeared starting at 12:00 on Sunday 5 February 2023. However, the peak came around 14:34, when more than 10,000 users claimed to have problems relating to the TIM internet connection. 70% of the reports concern the fixed internet networkwhile a smaller percentage, 14%, also report problems on mobile.

There is no particular difference from a geographical point of view, as the down would appear to be spread evenly throughout the country.

“The fixed line is in fits and starts and keeps coming off. Impossible to do anything, I’ve been waiting with customer service for 10 minutes,” writes a user. While another reiterates that “It’s been connecting and disconnecting since this morning, fiber Tim”.

At 15:04, the time of writing this article, the peak of reports seems to be growing steadily. Meanwhile, many users are also reporting the inefficiencies on social networks, especially Twitter, where the hashtag #timdown is in first place in the Trends.

TIM has not yet released any official statement.

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