Polaroid Music and Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 make summer magical

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Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it the warmth of the sun, the energy of the sea and the euphoria of the holidays. In this season of adventures and memories, the speaker Polaroid Music and the camera Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 they are faithful travel companions

During a day at the beach surrounded by the sound of the waves or a picnic in the mountains with your closest friends, family or couple, the colorful Polaroid Music speakers can be the background broadcasting your favorite playlists, creating the perfect atmosphere for dancing and relax.

Polaroid Music and Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 make summer magical

Ready to dance or just relax?

Between models in the rangethe most suitable ones are certainly the models P1 e P2 which, thanks to their compact size, portability and long battery life, can be easily carried wherever you go. Plus, two devices (of the same model) can be paired together to create an immersive stereo pair that develops even more volume.

But what’s summer vacation without the ability to capture those special moments and keep them forever? This is where the Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 camera comes into play.

Snapshots of happiness with Polaroid Now+ Gen 2

Equipped with a retro design which uses the 40% recycled materials and a modern technology, this instant camera allows you to take unique photos that unfold in moments. Whether you want to capture breathtaking views from a journey or the smiles of your fellow adventurers, the device will capture every moment in the famous and exciting quality of Polaroid film.

Furthermore, the dedicated app allows you to take advantage of some creative functions to make each shot even more exclusive and unrepeatable: for example, the autofocus system for managing framed subjects, light painting for images “designed” with light, etc.

To these is added the set of 5 colored filters to attach to the lens and to apply the starburst effect, a red vignette and the dominant orange, blue and yellow colors to the photos for a more fun effect.

Plus, a shoe built into the camera body lets you clip it to compatible mounts for easy group shooting. The Polaroid Music speakers and the Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 camera are the distinctive touch to experience the summer holidays in a unique and unforgettable way. With their combination of immersive sound and instant images, they create a special bond between the user, the music and the memories.

Availability and prices

Polaroid Music P1 and P2 Speakers (and the other models in the range) are currently on sale on Nital’s official website at a special price:

· P1 – €39.99

· P2 – 99,99 €

Polaroid Now+ is available at the price of 149,99 €

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