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Polestar 3: production begins in the USA

With Polestar 3, elegance and innovation converge to create an unrivaled driving experience. Let’s discover the future of automotive mobility through the perspective of this refined EV brand

The production of Polestar 3 kicked off in Chengdu, China. Subsequently, it will extend through mid-2024 to South Carolina, USA, where it has been completed with excellent results the first series of production tests. The next Polestar 3 will score a milestone for the brandas it will become a truly pioneering model produced on two continents, strategically strengthening the aspirations of Polestar expansion in the thriving markets of North America, Europe and Asia.

Polestar 3: production begins in the USA

Polestar stands out as a brand that embodies elegance and refinement in the luxury segment.automotive excellence Contemporary. With a great passion for innovation and a continuous commitment to sustainable mobility, Polestar is a symbol of modern, environmentally friendly luxury. Its vehicles integrate perfectly cutting-edge technology with high construction and finishing standards, creating a truly captivating driving experience.

Polestar 3: the mission of the Swedish brand

Polestar embodies the essence of elegant Swedish rationalitypresenting an extraordinary panorama of high-performance electric vehicles, but still attentive to improvement of our company, through the integration of impeccable design and an innovative technology. With its headquarters located in the charming city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Polestar can boast its presence in 27 distinct global marketsand offers an exclusive online platform for the most demanding customers who intend to begin their journey towards sustainable mobility.

Polestar 3: production begins in the USA

The Polestar 0 initiative fervently supports the company’s bold effort to create a vehicle totally eco-friendlyfree of any carbon footprint, by 2030. This deep research effort also attempts to instill a compelling sense of necessityinvolving staff, suppliers and the entire automotive community accelerate the pace further towards a future of absolute neutrality.

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