Polium One, the first console for NFT games is really about to arrive?

Polium One, la prima console per i giochi NFT sta davvero per arrivare? thumbnail

A company intends to build the first NFT games console al world: Polium One. One way to use diverse blockchain to get games like Axie Infinity and to enter Decentraland. Paying in different crypto currencies of all kinds. The company promises the launch by 2024. But will it really come? And above all: do we really need a console of this type?

Polium One, the first console for NFT games: is this the future of gaming?

The Polium company has decided to announce with a post on Medium its console, the first in the world to be multichain. This should ensure the ability to play on different titles built on blockchains of various types. How ImmutableX, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, EOS, Wax, e Harmonywithout changing networks.

According to the creators, the console will have a very simple interface that will allow everyone to approach it new Web 3.0 platform. From the first renderings (because for now it is only a rendering) you can save the games e le platforms of the metaverse as if they were games saved on your Xbox or PlayStation.

For example, you can enter Axie Infinity and Decentraland to buy NFT properties with your crypto. Or play games like Grit e Guild of Guardians. There is a promise of more games to come, developed with the most important software houses. Even if no one is mentioned by name and no plans are announced.

The technical specifications are still very vague

When it comes to consoles, gamers want to know the specifics right away: the comparison starts even before the market launch. Unless you’re Nintendo, playing in a league of its own, the goal is to know how to give level performance on all major titles.

Polium One promises to be an NFT console “powerful enough to run high performance games”. On Medium he writes that the CPU and GPU will be customized and manufactured by NVIDIA. But it doesn’t go into detail as to what specs will be featured, although they do explain that we will be able to play in 4K and 8K at 120fps and there will be ray tracing.

However, it specifies that the controller, which is very reminiscent of the Xbox one, will use a fingerprint sensor. Kotaku skeptically pointed out that the first version of the post was talking about a TouchID, which is a proprietary technology from Apple that we doubt Cupertino will lend willingly. The sensor will be used to allow the crypto payments securely, according to the developers.

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But even if there are no precise specifications, Polium explains that its console will be “built by the community “. In the sense that they will ask for feedback to build a product that may be of interest to those who closely follow the project.

For the rest we speak only of software, which will be developed on the platform Linux. You can keep different wallets linked to the account, buy various types of NFTs and compete with ad hoc rankings. The developers have already decided that it will be there both dark and light mode, if you are interested.

When will Polium One, the first NFT console arrive? And above all, will it really come?

Polium explained that the console’s release date is scheduled for third quarter of 2024: in just over two years we should be able to play with the first NFT console. However, the company explains that will accept pre-orders before the hardware is even ready.

To pre-order the console, you have to ‘undermine’ or buy a Polium Pass, which will be a collection obtainable on the Ethereum network. The first ten thousand who order the console will also receive a pass for the launch events in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. But the company aims to sell up to one million units.

Opening pre-orders before the hardware is ready is not an absolute novelty. Indeed, lately we have also seen several electric vehicles that ask for an account well in advance and then take a long time to go out on the market (Tesla has taught us about it). But the fact that Polium is such a recent company and the project is so particularit does lift several doubts.

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Maybe going back to reread this article ten years from now we will look like skeptics who did not understand the future, like those who said in 2008 that people did not need an iPhone. But of course the doubts can only be there. The company promises a prototype for this November, which we are curious to see. But before making the pre-order you must remember that from the prototype to the mass production you need to find investors, a factory that assembles the pieces and a distributor to bring it to market.

La strada per Polium One sembra in salted and we’re not sure it will see a market launch. But maybe we are wrong. What do you think about it? Will you focus on the first NFT console or do you prefer to invest in an Xbox, PlayStation or Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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