Popeye: Popeye returns to Nintendo Switch

Who among you has never seen an episode of the legendary Popeye? Well, if you want to refresh your memory then know that the Popeye video game in honor of the cute sailor is coming to Nintendo Switch

After more than thirty years spent in cabinets and on NES, Popeye is back with a straight leg with his iconic spinach on Nintendo Switch while he is still waiting for his animated film by Genndy Tartakovsky (the mastermind behind Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, the three Hotel Transylvania and so on). But let’s go ahead in order

Popeye: orb barrel, spinach and calculators on Nintendo Switch

What would that be to say calculators? Weren’t we talking about the strongest sailor of all time as soon as he feeds on his beloved spinach? THE creators of the calculator app on Nintendo Switch they are in fact the same ones that report on the console of the Grande N the exploits of good Popeye with a title dedicated to him.

A move that already seems successful from the start because the title in question falls to bean, or rather to spinach, with theupdate of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (scheduled for November 5th) coming out even the day before or the November 4.

Popeye: Popeye returns to Nintendo Switch

The game, pretty much why Donkey Kong exists, has been called a “modernized adaptation of the classic arcade game” where it will take grab hearts, letters and spinach while trying to avoid obstacles. Elements easily understood from the first screenshots recently appeared on the net.

The game will eventually be published by Sabec so while you wait to try it, how about fooling the wait by going to recover some similar stock at the best price ever? If you are interested, please click here, while, to be constantly updated on the great world of video games yesterday and today, stay with us here on TechGameWorld.com!

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