Porsche Macan: sketches of the new car released

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Interesting news arrives regarding the Porsche Macan: the historic Zuffenhausen plant has published sketches of the new generation on social media and on the website

Centered on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform, the Porsche Macan that we know was launched on the market ten years ago. Over time, the car has undergone a series of restyling, updating itself from an electronic, mechanical and design point of view. Recently, the historic Zuffenhausen factory published on its social channels and on the company website the sketches of the new generationout tomorrow January 25th. The platform used for the new car is PPE, which is dedicated to the premium products of the German car manufacturer. Through the sketches, we can take a look at the definitive version of the new Porsche Macan. The shape is similar to that of a coupe and an SUV, characterized by a low tail progression.

Porsche Macan: sketches of the new car released

Porsche Macan: not only sketches, but also Michael Mauer’s statements

The new Porsche Macan will present a small electric powertrainand will be larger than the current generation. Michael WallChief Designer of Porsche, spoke about the new generation during an interview:

With each new generation, our mission is to find the right balance between familiar design features and new elements. In particular, we must make each new sports car clearly, recognizable and part of the Porsche product family and the respective model line. Yet it must also be perceived as “the new”.

This visual consistency is extremely important to our brand. The new Macan is also the first fully electric model that already has an existing and consolidated product identity. So this raises the questions: how “”new”” does the “”new”” have to be, what is too much, what is just right?

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