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Porsche will bring Google software into their cars

Porsche plans to bring Google’s software into its cars, making the brand’s luxury vehicles smarter. The confirmation comes directly from the CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume.

Porsche brings Google software into their cars

The CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blumetold media representatives during the full-year results presentation that the German company is currently conducting negotiations with Alphabet’s Google for the integration of its software into Porsche vehicles.

Blume specified that the discussions are mainly about i automotive services offered by Google (Google Automotive Services). And that Porsche is also considering partnering with Chinese technology companies to meet the demands of the growing local market.

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The luxury automaker is considering the idea, Reuters reported in January embed Google’s software in the cockpit of its vehicleswith the aim of providing its customers with access to the services offered by Google.

Although at the moment there are still no details regarding the implementation of the software, Porsche seems to be busy providing to its buyers an increasingly innovative and technologically advanced driving experience.

All brands, even historic ones like Porsche, must make their cars more “intelligent” in order to compete on the market. We will keep you informed as soon as there are further details.

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