Post, a new Twitter alternative from the former CEO of Waze

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These days of chaos on Twitter, several social media outlets are emerging as potential alternatives to the Elon Musk-owned platform. But the former CEO of Waze, Noam Bardinthink you have the winning alternative to Twitter: Postand social media for “civil discussion” and to read reliable news that is registering the first online users. With so many others on the waiting list.

Post, the latest alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter

Noam Bardin led Waze for twelve yearsthe resourceful community-built navigation app that Google acquired for $1.2 billion in 2013 and which Bardin left in 2021. Now Bardin wants to try to enter another market with multibillion-dollar rivals: that of social media.

Bardin works at project from May 2022, creating a New York-based company that currently has 18 LinkedIn employees. The goal is to create a new social media that leads to the times when social media “actually made you smarter”.

The result is Post, which you can find at this address. But to which you can not register directly yet: you need to register on a waiting list that at the end of last weekend recorded over 125 thousand people in wait. The online users are currently over 3,500, but Bardin himself explains that the developer team is doing everything possible to access as many users as possible. But it’s a much smaller workgroup than the biggest social media, and some of the features are still being born.

So it will take a while to get to know its potential. But what is the added value that Post News gives compared to Twitter and other alternatives like Mastodon?

What does this new social network offer?

On Post’s introductory post (excuse the pun), Bardin explains what his new social network offers. And he does it by summoning one nostalgia for the early years of social media, also making it clear that unlike some other platforms, it focuses above all on Twitter and Facebook exiles over 30.

“Remember when social media was fun, it featured great ideas and interesting people, and it actually made you smarter? Remember when they didn’t waste your time or make you angry or sad? When could you disagree with someone without feeling threatened or insulted? With Post, we want to bring that feeling back.”

Respect for the rules and moderation

Immediately after this introduction, Bardin explains that Post will be an alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter especially in moderation. After explaining that the social network will treat everyone equally and that he believes in freedom of speech, preventing government censorship, he immediately clarifies that there will be moderation. “We have rules, which we think we do strictly enforce through content moderation, with help from our community.”

According to Bardin, only in this way will Post become a place for the debate of ideas. Where experts, journalists, creatives and anyone else can express themselves. “There are already enough platforms for extremists, we can’t leave the ‘square’ to them” explains Bardin. Who has no illusions, saying that “we know we will make mistakes but we promise to listen and respond to our community.”

Alternative to Twitter also in terms of content: what does Post offer?

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From the style to the choice of colors, it seems clear that Post is an alternative to Twitter. But if some things remain in common, others change in a potentially interesting way. First of all, the posts on the social network can be of any length: no character limit. But the possibility remains to comment, like, share and repost.

On the platform there will be different news sources, with the ability to purchase individual articles from different premium sites (instead of following only those you are subscribed to). However, there will be journalistic content from different sources that you can read directly on the platform and without going to external sites.

Post aims to have among its members experts and journalists, leaders of various fields. And to encourage you to produce quality content, there is the possibility of Tipping creators through micro-payments.

Difficult to understand if this recipe is a winner. But Post seems to stand out just enough to become an alternative to Twitter, especially for those who used to use the platform primarily to get the latest news and commentary from authorities and pundits. You can join the waiting list here.

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