Xiaomi e Daniel Arsham hanno creato un'edizione limitata del 12T Pro thumbnail

Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham have created a limited edition of the 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition it will be the collector’s smartphone at home Xiaomi in collaboration with the New York artist Arsham.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition segue la “Future Archeological”

After Samsung and its partnership with Maison Margiela, Xiaomi has also partnered with an artist: Daniel Arshamwhose works range from fine art, architecture, performance art and cinema.

The particularity of this collaboration lies in the fact that Arshma’s works are made with geological materials such as sand, selenite and volcanic ash. These materials give the appearance and aesthetics of erosion or “archaeological relics of the future”, as Arsham called them.

The protagonist of the limited edition Daniel Arsham will be Xiaomi 12 T Prowhich sees its entire aesthetic design being shaped by the hands of the artist, for a sculptural proposal of obsolescence and natural erosion.

“I’m always inclined to bring my work into contexts other than those typical of the art world. I conceived Xiaomi 12T Pro as if it were a sculpture whose purpose goes beyond being a functional object; in 20 years the people who will have it will no longer use it as a simple smartphone but as a sculptural object, linked to a particular historical moment and which goes beyond its functionality” said Daniel Arsham.

Xiaomi 12 T Pro

In fact, the limited edition 12T Pro presents itself as a timeless object of “fictional archeology”, like an ancient work of art placed outside a museum or gallery. Even the box has the same sculptural veins, for a smartphone and an aesthetically unparalleled packaging.

Its realization is combined with a imaginary future of digital dematerializationwith Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham committed to pursuing common goals: innovation, design, production and, for the artist, a vision of figurative archaeology.

“Daniel’s work often plays with the concept of time, both future and past. As a company that focuses on innovation, time is our most precious asset and represents what we are willing to exchange for quality and technology.” he declared Yiyang Liu, Head of Co-branding of Xiaomi.

“This collaboration is therefore not only centered on a smartphone, but on an advanced technology used to realize the artist’s project. We believe it is a fascinating product for today’s people and will remain a collector’s item for decades to come.”

When and where the limited edition will be available

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition will be available in Western Europe in limited quantities: only 2,000 pieces available for purchase at the price of 899,00 euro. The pre-sale will start at 10:00 on December 5 on mi.com and on highsnobiety.com and from 10:00 on December 16 it will also be available at the Xiaomi x Daniel Arsham pop-up store in Berlin.

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