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Poste Italiane down, disservices throughout Italy

Today, June 17, 2022, Italian post turns out down, creating disservices throughout Italy. Several users are reporting difficulties in accessing and using the app on social networks, with some reporting difficulties in accessing the services by logging into the official website.

Poste Italiane down, disservices throughout Italy

The Downdetector site reports an increase in reports of disruption for the site and the Poste Italiane app, starting from midday. But with a major surge in the last few minutes, which touches peaks of 4,000 reports in the time slot.

The situation seems to be widespread throughout Italy, with the peaks of reports concentrated around large cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Palermo and Turin.

Just a few weeks ago, on May 30, the Italian Post Office had had problems with general downtimes and disservices. At the time it was thought it might be the fault of the Russian hackers of Killnetwho had threatened Italy with repercussions for supporting Ukraine in the conflict.

On that occasion, Poste made it clear that hackers had nothing to do with it. “The technical problem, which occurred this morning in the post offices is due to an update of the system“. But with today’s new issues, the suspicion remains.

However, Poste Italiane has already had problems at the beginning of the year. It therefore seems to be a problem related to the management of such a complex system, especially afterwards the introduction of various digital services.

These at the moment remain speculations, Poste Italiane has not commented on the causes of the down. We will keep you posted.

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