Prenota PS5 su Amazon: da oggi basta un invito. Ecco come thumbnail

Pre-order PS5 on Amazon: an invitation is enough from today. that’s how

Pre-order PS5 on Amazon: an invitation is enough from today.  Here's how to thumbnail

From today it will be possible to buy PS5 by invitation, it will suffice book and wait to be contacted. But how does this new option work Amazon arriving in Italy on an experimental basis right on Playstation 5?

How the invitation purchase works

The function has already been tested in recent months in the United States and the United Kingdom and is now ready to land in Italy as well. Amazon therefore also makes the purchase experience by invitation available in Italy to ensure as many customers as possible the opportunity to purchase items with a very high demand but with limited availability (someone accidentally said Playstation 5?).
By accessing the page of the desired product, customers will be able to send an invitation request and, if accepted, they will receive an e-mail with instructions to complete the purchase within the next 72 hours.

This new method will therefore be able to avoid traffic peaks and infinite virtual “queues” that could lead to unpleasant disservices.

How to pre-order your PS5 on Amazon?

The Amazon program by invitation will be available for the first time in Italy for the hard to find and desired console PS5sold and shipped by Amazon, accompanied by a video game voucher Horizon Forbidden West (find our review here).
By clicking on the Amazon link, which you find below, you can send your reservation request by invitation for PS5. Just press the yellow button “Request Invitation” and hope to be lucky and be contacted.

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