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The new Windows 11 update is about to arrive: the news

Microsoft will launch the next one update per Windows 11 next month, iSeptember 20 according to the latest rumors, and it seems that the version 22H2 will have several interesting news. After months of testing, several will arrive improvements in the graphical interfacein gestures and also some interesting new software features.

Windows 11 22H2, the update coming soon: here are the main news

Microsoft has thought of several news for the new update of Windows 11 22H2. Which will not revolutionize the Redmond operating system, but will introduce several interesting new features. From the point of view of the interface, the most obvious thing will be the folders in the Start menu, that you can order even better.

Also come interesting features like the drag & drop in the taskbarnew gesture touch and interesting animations. And then comes accessibility features like Live Captions. And again the voice access, to control your PC.

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Il Task Manager will receive an update, with a new dark mode and a more intuitive layout. In addition to an efficiency mode that allows you to limit apps that consume too many resources.

Also Snap Layouts will improve with version 22H2, making it easier to organize apps on the screen.

In addition, Microsoft is working on the File Explorer tabs, but these will arrive later than the scheduled date of 20 September. In fact, another update by the end of the year should introduce the schede in File Explorer not Suggested Actionsfunctionality to make browsing and file operations more intuitive.

The new update is already available for testers, but everyone else will have to wait just another month to try all the upcoming news.

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