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Preview Kerbal Space Program 2: towards infinity…

In this preview we will get to know Kerbal Space Program 2, the new early access title of Private Division

Returning to space is always a unique experience, especially when we do it ourselves with a rocket conceived by our minds. A few years ago we had the pleasure of discovering e review Kerbal Space Program, the title that made us fly among the stars and entertain for many hours. You can read our review by following this link. Today, however, we are going to deal with this one preview, Kerbal Space Program 2.

Before continuing, however, we want to clarify one point. This won’t be a real review as the game was released in early access. This implies that it is not a complete title, but only a part of it and giving a rating influenced by what is only half an experience does not seem fair to us.

Preview Kerbal Space Program 2: towards infinity ...

Half a game – Preview Kerbal Space Program 2

As we said, the released game is not the full version, the fact remains that we can not already enjoy a good experienceat least for novices. The only mode released by the developers of Intercept Games is the sandbox. In this particular mode we won’t have clear goalsas indeed the name suggests, e all parts for building spaceships, planes and rovers they will already be unlocked.

So our only limit will be our imagination…and some physics. Obviously, to complete what are our “personal missions”, such as reaching the moon and back, we will need to respect some parameters imposed by physics. Indeed, from this point of view, the game is well structured and it could not have been otherwise given the solid starting point.

Despite everything though, we believe that a different mode wouldn’t have been all bad to begin with. Although for those approaching this type of game for the first time this could be a help, we “veterans” in the long run will be able find the sandbox repetitive and without stimulation.

Preview Kerbal Space Program 2: towards infinity ...

There’s no shortage of improvements – Kerbal Space Program 2 preview

You can notice them right from the first start multiple differences with what was its predecessor. First of all is the HUD management, much improved in this new chapter. The graphics turn out noticeably clearer and more intuitive; the whole turns into one better overall handling than before.

Performing approach maneuvers to or away from a celestial body has never been so simple. To this improvement are then added new components of spaceships and not which allow an ever wider and more diversified construction of the nacelles. Miscellaneous too textures have been remodeledallowing us to have a better graphics than ever before.

Although therefore there are many differences with the previous chapter, the most important one certainly concerns the tutorial. The latter will not be mandatory and will be held in the Training Center. The main novelty concerns gods short introductory videos which broadly explain what we are going to do next. A little gimmick that pays off much easier to learnexplaining in detail why one maneuver is performed rather than another.

Preview Kerbal Space Program 2: towards infinity ...

…and no further

Of course, nothing else could be expected from early access. The improvements are there and you can “touch” them with the mouse cursor. However, the presence of this only mode does not allow us to put our engineering skills into practice, nor does it stimulate us to do so.

We wouldn’t have minded one career mode or the very old and dear one Science mode that we learned to appreciate in the first chapter. It would certainly have been a different approach and having to unlock the various parts of the spaceships it would have stimulated us to go further and further in the game. Then add to this various graphical glitches which currently can irreparably compromise our space adventure.

From all these considerations you can therefore understand the reason for our choice to create a preview and not a review. It wouldn’t be fair to penalize a game that can certainly offer much more and which is currently at the minimum of its potential for choosing to release it in Early Access; it would have been wiser, at least in our opinion, wait a little longer and release it when finished.

That’s all for this preview. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. We remind you that the game is available in early access, for pc only, a 49,99 €. For versions PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X|S there is no definite date yet for the exit. If you want to buy this title at a slight discount, we advise you to take a look at Kinguin. In order not to miss other news, reviews and everything related to the gaming universe, keep following!