Preview Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from Team Ninja

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In this preview we will share with you our first impressions of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from the creators of Nioh

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasy is a new one action RPG license plate Team Ninja which will be published worldwide this Friday. As the game’s release approaches Cow Tecmo decided to publish a new one demo that allows everyone to play the first two levels of the title and, of course, we too decided to try it. So if you are curious to know more about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, in this one preview you can find ours hot impressions.

Sekirolike – Anteprima Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

At first glance the combat system of Wo Long may seem very similar to that of Nioh, but in reality it is not at all. In fact, the new title does not feature any of the distinguishing features of Nioh 1 and 2, as could be the stance, the Ki or the combos. Instead, however, Wo Long introduces some original combat mechanics, such as the spirit.

Spirit is a value indicated by a bar at the bottom of the screen e it is used to perform various actions. For example, it is required to parry, dodge, cast spells and use martial arts, special moves that vary from weapon to weapon. During the fights, however, you will have to be careful not to consume too much, since even the blows of the enemies can make it decrease and, if it reaches the minimum, you will be stunned for a few seconds.

This particular value however can not only decrease, but it can also increase. By landing a series of light attacks you can in fact accumulate spirit beyond the base value, allowing you to inflict additional damage with heavy attacks and perform more expensive techniques without exposing yourself to risk. In addition to attacking, there are other ways to gain spirit, first of all the deviation.

Deflection is a simple technique that, by pressing the dodge key at the right time, will allow you to deflect any enemy attack. This way you will not only completely negate the damage from the blow, but you will also increase your spirit and reduce that of the opponent. In Wo Long indeed all enemies have their own spirit bar that you can try to empty to leave them at the mercy of a violent person critical attack.

The great relevance of the spirit then makes the deviation in all respects Wo Long’s most important mechanic. In fact, during the bossfights you absolutely cannot help but deflect the opponents’ blows, therefore making the game much more similar to Sekiro rather than a normal soulslike.

Preview Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from Team Ninja

Keeping Your Spirits Up – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty preview

In addition to those we have already told you about, Wo Long has also introduced a very particular new mechanic called morale. This value indicates power of a character and both your protagonist and the enemies will have one. Opponents with a very high morale level will be more dangerous and likewise, as your rank increases, you will be increasingly stronger in combat.

At the beginning of each level your morale will be zero and to make it go up you just need to defeat the enemies, but unfortunately there is also the risk that it will decrease. In case you get hit by a critical hit by an opponent in fact your morale will decrease by one and, in case of death, you will immediately return to zero. Fortunately, if you return to the place of your defeat and defeat your executioner, you will be able to immediately recover the lost morale, but unfortunately it will be harder than expected. If an enemy defeats you in fact his moral rank will risemaking it even more dangerous than before.

Fortunately, however, there are methods to significantly reduce the loss of morale. Exploring the levels in fact you will find a large number of flags, checkpoints that, just like the shrines of Nioh, will allow you to recover your strength, make enemies respawn, level up and so on. By interacting with these flags, however, you can also increase your hardness rank for the duration of the level. Normally your morale can never drop below your hardness rating, and consequently by finding so many checkpoints you can create an insurance that reduces the risks in case of death. In addition, in addition to the normal flags, you can also find some signal flags which will have the sole purpose of further increasing your temper.

Preview Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from Team Ninja

Vertical Movement – ​​Wo Long Preview: Fallen Dynasty

Considering that we only got to play two levels in the demo, it’s hard to talk about level design, but we still care about it praise the strong verticality that seems to characterize Wo Long. In this title, in fact, the jump and this paved the way for numerous opportunities. In fact, in the levels we tried there were numerous sections where it was possible climb buildings and heights of all kinds.

These elevated trails are perfect for getting a clearer view of the area you’re in, and often offer several as well gameplay opportunities. Exploring the rooftops for example you could find extra treasures or hidden paths. Furthermore, by climbing on an elevated area you will have the possibility of attack enemies below with a very powerful critical hit, perfect for simplifying the most difficult encounters.

Preview Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from Team Ninja

Online Interactions – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty preview

In this final demo of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty we had the opportunity to try out some of the online functionality of the game. PVP is sadly only available in the full game, but at least we got to play in cooperative. In case you have some difficulty in tackling a level you can in fact summon up to two other players (both via matchmaking and invite).

Allies will stay by your side until they die or you defeat the last boss in the area, and they will really make the level much easier. In fact, players can not only help you defeat enemies, but they can also revive each other if their life points go to zero.

Overall, considering we’re talking about a demo, the cooperative seemed quite stable to usbut maybe even a little chaotic. Have three players on the screen who launch themselves into long sequences of spectacular attacks in fact, it makes it very difficult to be able to accurately read and anticipate enemy attacks.

However, the cooperative is not the only form of online interaction that we were able to try during the demo. Apparently indeed around in the levels you can find the remains of other players who were killed in their games, a bit like many other soulslikes. These residues will allow you to understand in advance what dangers lurk, but they will also offer an extra challenge. If an enemy kills a player indeed his morale rating will also increase in the match of other connected playersthus turning into an even more dangerous opponent.

Preview Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new game from Team Ninja


Now it’s time for the preview where we judge Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. From what we saw during the demo the new game from Team Ninja really seems to be very fun and excitingbut we still have Some doubts related to the combat system. In fact, the game seems to have given up on a more complex and articulated combat system to focus more on deflection, sacrificing in many cases the variety of approach.

This path in itself is not wrong but it is really very hard to pursue and, at the moment, we are not sure that the team has fully succeeded in its intent. In any case this is only a preview and to properly evaluate a title like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it is necessary to try it much more thoroughly. So if you are curious to find out the actual quality of the game, we invite you to keep an eye on the site while waiting for ours full review.

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