Prime offers party: all the discounts for smart autumn cleaning

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The name changes but not the concept: Prime Day in October is renewed and becomes Prime Offers Festival. The fall event will be held from 10 to 11 October 2023 and remains an unmissable opportunity for Amazon Prime users who will have access to exclusive discounts on thousands of products. And here among the offers of devices dedicated to home care those of emerge Vactidya household appliance brand specializing in easy-to-use, convenient and resistant devices, which offers a selection of promotions for those who are preparing to tidy up the house in view of the season in which we willingly spend a little more time at home.

Prime Offers Festival: Vactidy Blitz V8, the convenient vacuum cleaner for just over €90

With its ergonomic handle and 180° rotatable flexible head, Vactidy Blitz V8 it is easily maneuverable and reaches even the most difficult corners. Equipped with a 2 in 1 electric turbine brush, which integrates hard and soft bristles in a single roller, it adapts perfectly to different surfaces. Furthermore, with a suction power of up to 20,000 Pa, it effectively removes dirt and debris from floors and carpets.

The HEPA cyclonic filtration system prevents dust clogging, and captures 99.97% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns. Before emission, the air sucked in is purified by the four-stage filter, thus protecting against allergens and secondary contamination and making the home environment fresher and cleaner.

With its removable 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery, Blitz V8 guarantees autonomy of up to 35 minutes in low power mode and up to 25 minutes in high power mode.

Furthermore, the LED lights positioned on the head of the vacuum cleaner illuminate all the hiding places, finding the most stubborn dust.

Price and availability

On sale on the official Amazon webshop at the discounted price of €92.65 (instead of €109).

Prime Offers Festival: Vactidy Nimble T6, the robot vacuum cleaner available for less than €110

Equipped with 2 side brushes and 1 main roller brush, it has 4 cleaning modes that can be selected according to your needs. With a suction power of up to 2,000 Pa, it cleans thoroughly, reaching even the most difficult places in the house.

Its 2,500 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of 100 minutes in low power mode and up to 60 minutes at maximum power. Furthermore, once it reaches less than 15% battery, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station.

Vactidy Nimble T6 is able to automatically identify the type of surface and adjust the suction power, also identifying carpets.

Finally, the Vactidy app offers device performance monitoring and the ability to schedule cleaning, as well as being compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Home for an even simpler experience.

Price and availability

The robot vacuum cleaner is on sale on the official Amazon webshop at the discounted price of €109.65 (instead of €129).

Prime Offers Festival: Vactidy Nimble T8, the champion of home performance

This compact and slim, yet very powerful robot vacuum cleaner quickly removes dust and debris on floors and carpets, while eliminating stains and liquids efficiently. Equipped with a 250ml dust container and a 230ml water tank, it adapts to every cleaning need through its 4 modes.

The brush roll has greater grip on carpets, picking up hidden debris more effectively, while the deep cleaning path maximizes coverage, reduces missed scans and meets your daily cleaning needs.

Through the GyroNav Tech function it easily avoids movement obstacles, reducing collisions. It also intelligently identifies stairs and walls and automatically switches to Max mode when it passes over carpets.

Through Vactidy Nimble T8 it is possible to easily program cleaning activities even outside the home, select the different modes and control everything through the Vactidy Smart app. It is also compatible with SIRI, Google Home, IFTTT and Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

Availability and price

The robot vacuum cleaner is on sale on the official Amazon webshop at the discounted price of €152.15 (instead of €179).

Vactidy Nimble T7, your home’s ally

The Vactidy Nimble T7 robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal device for impeccable cleaning. Equipped with a brush with microfibre technology, it captures dust immediately. Furthermore, with the 2 in 1 function it vacuums and washes at the same time, leaving the floor completely clean.

Thanks to the 3-floor sensors and 2 anti-collision sensors that are able to identify obstacles such as stairs and walls, it is possible to clean without the risk of accidents. Furthermore, through the Vactidy app, you can easily schedule cleaning tasks while you are away from home. Voice commands are compatible with Siri, IFTTT, Alexa and Google Home.

With a maximum runtime of 120 minutes, the Vactidy Nimble T7 robot vacuum cleaner returns to the charging base when the battery is low or it has finished cleaning.

Price and availability

The robot vacuum cleaner is on sale on the official Amazon webshop at the discounted price of €126.65 (instead of €149).

Vactidy Blitz V9, the super light and versatile vacuum cleaner

The Vactidy Blitz V9 cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect compromise for superior cleaning at an affordable price. Super light and versatile, it features a high-performance 250W brushless motor, which effortlessly captures dust, debris and pet hair. Its 180° swivel steering allows you to easily maneuver and reach beds and low furniture.

Equipped with an LED brush, it reveals hidden dust invisible to the naked eye: from sofas and beds to curtains, upholstery, vents and car seats. With 2 suction modes, it provides thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces including hard floors, carpets, tiles and wooden floors.

The V9 cordless vacuum cleaner features a sealed cyclone filtration system, which ensures an optimal environment by eliminating the risk of secondary air pollution. Additionally, the Hepa filter can be easily cleaned and reused for added convenience.

Vactidy Blitz V9 has a rechargeable battery and offers exceptional cleaning performance for up to 45 minutes in low suction mode. Furthermore, the 1 liter dust container allows for longer cleaning without interruptions.

The Vactidy Blitz V9 cordless vacuum cleaner is on sale on the official Amazon webshop at the discounted price of €118.15 (instead of €139).

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