Prisma: filming of the second season has begun

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It’s official: the second season of Prisma will happen. Prime Video announced it and filming has already begun. Here’s what we know

Like a bolt from the blue, the announcement of Prime Video amazed everyone, but in a positive way. The streaming platform has in fact declared that the second season from the much loved young adult series, Prisma, is in the works. We’re not talking about a project that’s still in the early stages of planning, because filming has already begun. Here’s what we know about it.

Prisma: filming of the second season has begun

Where were we | Prisma: filming of the second season has begun

Do you remember what the first season of this Italian TV series was about? If the answer is no, then let us refresh your memory. The protagonists of the first episodes are the twin brothers Marco and Andrea, two boys from Latina, identical on the outside but completely different on the inside. Through the two and their group of friends, Prisma is able to tell a real cross-section of the life of the youngest, made up of friendship, love, but also inconsistencies and difficulties in really understanding who we are and what we would like to become.

Season 2 coming soon

Unfortunately we don’t have an official release date yet, for that we will have to wait a little longer, also because we understand that filming is still ongoing today, but we don’t know when it will end. However, we can give you some good news: in the second season we will see all the protagonists who have made this show a success. We will review then Matthias Carranointerpreter of both twins, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza, Chiara Bordi and LXX Blood. By their side Matteo Scattaretico, Zakaria Hamza, Flavia del Prete, Asia Patrignani, Riccardo Afan de Rivera Costaguti, Elena Falvella Capodaglio, Andrea Giannini e Nico Guerzoni.

For now we only know that the new episodes will pick up right where the first season ended. We can’t wait to find out in more detail what the series has in store for us again, which at its debut managed to achieve great success, especially among the younger ones, establishing itself as a worthy heir to Shame on Italywith which it shares the creators, Ludovico Bessegato e Alice Urciolo. Bessegato is also the screenwriter of Prisma, together with Francesca Scialanca. The new season will be available on Prime Video.

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