Project Q: This is what the battery life of the new Sony console should be

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Some last-minute rumors have Sony’s Project Q as the protagonist. The device may have a rather limited autonomy

On the occasion of the recent PlayStation Showcase, Sony presented Project Q, a new portable cloud streaming device that will be able to play PS5 titles via Remote Play. Aside from a few brief details, however, not much has been confirmed about the portable console, although some information that has recently surfaced may not appeal to many. We refer, in particular, to theautonomy of the device in question that should be enough limited, in line, roughly, with other portable devices like the Steam Deck or Asus Rog Ally; which however integrate rather handsome components. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Project Q: This is what the battery life of the new Sony console should be

Project Q: Sony still doesn’t go too far on the battery and other technical specifications

According to a report published by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, Project Q di Sony will have surprisingly low battery life, equal to just 3-4 hours. Considering that the device won’t be able to play games natively, many have already called it a bit of a hard sell, and if the battery life turns out to be that low, this opinion is bound to become more and more common. At the time of the announcement, the chief executive officer of PlayStation Jim Ryan it only confirmed that Project Q is slated for release later this year and that information about the portable device will be shared in the “near future.” Leaks preceding the announcement claimed that the handheld console would launch in the mid or late end of November.

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