How to make a site visible in search engines

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When you intend to report a site on a search engine, starting from Google as an example, you need to follow a well-defined procedure

When it comes to the world of the web and the process of digitization one cannot help but think of the considerable impact these two concepts have had on the modern society. Not only that, tools such as search engines, today, prove to be very important for different categories of actors. We are not just talking about the wide-ranging private citizens who use them every day to carry out their research, surfing the net between websites of various kinds looking for the information they need most, but also and above all for the realities of work and the professionals who exploit their websites in a business perspective.

Obviously, doing so means using the web and browsers with different horizons than those shared in the private sphere. Websites must achieve results from the point of placement, in order to be reachable by a large number of people. Improving the visibility of a website in the main search engines is a realistically obtainable result but to do so it is necessary to structure a strategic path that includes several steps, including a market analysis which – as the SEO consultant Roberto Serra points out on his official website , one of the best-known figures in this field – represents its natural starting point.

Generally, new websites are automatically detected by search engines. Nonetheless, it is possible in some special cases that the addresses are excluded from indexing, becoming invisible in search results. We will therefore discover in the following lines everything there is to know in order to signal e make a site visible in search engines, through a practical guide containing some important notions.

How to submit a site to the most common search engines

When you intend to report a site on a search engine, starting from Google as an example, you need to follow a well-defined procedure. Indexing a website is one very important step in order for it to be poured effectively on the network. Google makes available to users, in order to report websites that have not yet been indexed, a well defined page. After connecting to the latter, it will simply be necessary to indicate the URL of the site to be reported in the appropriate field and insert a brief description of the site in the comments field. Finally, you will have to send the report by clicking on the button Add URLs.

At the end of this procedure, Google will index the pages and will automatically monitor the changes. When a site is closed, then, there is no need to report it to Google, as the engine will automatically detect and discard the Links no longer valid. With regard to Binghowever, the reporting and indexing takes place through access to the account Microsoft through a special page and following a fairly similar procedure where, however, the user is also offered the possibility of reporting any errors site indexing.

Positioning a site in search engines: here’s how

After having reported the website to the main browsers, it is obviously necessary to position it in the SERP in the most suitable way. To proceed in this sense, it will be necessary to use the various SEO strategies in a conscious way. Through the latter, it will be possible to optimize the contents of the site taking into account the search engine algorithms. The latter are not public and they come updated from browsers very often. To have an effect on them, it will therefore be necessary to have some precautions regarding the contents and the site itself. Among them, we can not help but mention the qualitative index of the publicationswhich must remain high, the lexical register and the quantity of keywords present on the site, in addition to the trends on the topics covered.