Promises: Pierfrancesco Favino nel cast

Promises: Pierfrancesco Favino in the cast

Filming begins on Promises, the romantic drama directed by Amanda Sthers. Present in the cast the well-known Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino together with Kelly Reilly and Jean Reno

Kicked off at the beginning of the filming of the film Promises, the romantic drama directed by Amanda Sthers based on the novel of the same name written by Sthers herself. The film set halfway between Italy and London, boasts an exceptional cast with well-known names in the film scene all over the world. What is surprising is above all the presence of Pierfrancesco Favino.

Known Italian face and winner in the last edition of the David di Donatello awards as Leading Actor, he will be joined in the project by Kelly Reilly, Jean Reno, Ginnie Watson, Cara Theobold, Deepak Verma e Kris Marshall.

The production sees the collaboration of Indiana Production, Barbary Films e Iwaca. It will be distributed in Italy by Vision Distribution.

Promises: Pierfrancesco Favino in the cast

Promises: the dilemma of human existence and the passage of time

Promises it looks like a project lasting several years. As stated by director Amanda Sthers, it was essential for her to keep the central theme of the novel firmly in place during the script. The true meaning of human existence combined with the passage of time will be the pillars of the film, which will advance as pawns between the pain and joy of life.

By remaining united and compact, the possible mix of sensations, dilemmas, dramas and cultures, will all find themselves enclosed within the future film, reflecting above all the choice of the cast. In fact, as the director Amanda Sthers herself comments:

I am a woman who tells the story of a man, I am French, I live in Los Angeles and I tour in English between Rome and London. I wanted this film to tell a feeling that affects everyone and that this choice be reflected in the cast. Pierfrancesco Favino and Kelly Reilly, together, represent the quintessence of the cinematic couple, bringing our story into a timeless dimension

At the moment, no official release date of the film has been reported.

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