Proofpoint publishes the Human Factor 2021 report

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Proofpoint published his report annuale Human Factor analyzing the main risk aspects for the user regarding cyber threats. The report is based on the analysis of 2.2 billion email messages, 35 billion URLs and 200 million attachments as well as 35 million cloud accounts every day.

The results of the Proofpoint Human Factor 2021 report

According to the Proofpoint Human Factor 2021 report, the main risk factors for the user are vulnerabilities, attacks and privileges. In particular, ransomware is ubiquitous with over 48 million messages containing malware that can be used to initiate attacks ransomware.

The most common form of attack, on the other hand, is the credential phishingi, both at consumer and corporate level. Among the various phishing methods, the one with the most success is the attachment. It should be noted that the Proofpoint report confirms the presence of increasingly elaborate BEC fraud attempts. There steganography (a technique that consists of hiding malicious payloads inside apparently harmless files) has had the highest success rate of attacks. In fact, more than a third of the victims clicked on the malicious link.

The CAPTCHA attacks Instead, they got 50 times more clicks than last year. Note that the Human Factor 2021 report is available online on the Proofpoint website.

The expert’s comment

Ryan Kalember, EVP of Proberpoint cybersecurity strategy, He points out: “Attackers don’t compromise – they log in -, and people continue to be the most critical factor in today’s cyberattacks. The threat ecosystem has evolved over the past year, and this report explores how a people-focused approach to security can reduce risks ”

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