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Proscenic I10 review: affordable yet powerful

In this article we will see the review of the Proscenic I10 vacuum cleaner. Thanks to some well-considered choices, Proscenic has managed to pull out of the cylinder a cordless vacuum cleaner capable of maintaining an excellent value for money.

We learned about Proscenic thanks to several reviews. Taking a look at the past we find the excellent Proscenic P10 Pro or thanks to the review of the Proscenic P11 Smart model ambassador of the Chinese house. What was missing, however, in our opinion is a model with a lower cost but that it could replicate the good seen in the other models. Proscenic seems to have listened and satisfied us. Will she be able to surprise us too? Let’s find out in the Proscenic I10 review.

Proscenic I10 review: affordable yet powerful

Packaging e design | Recensione Proscenic I10

Inside the package, as always, there is no lack of accessories. In fact, we find: our I10, a hose that acts as an extension, a hose with a spout, a fabric brush, the main brush, the charger and a wall holder.

Inside the package there are not all the brushes present in other models, but to keep the price of something obviously you have to give up.

As always, you can decide to recharge the vacuum cleaner even without the help of the wall support, but it is hardly a simple choice to give up this convenience.

The design chosen is almost the same as we have appreciated in the past, sober but elegant. The metallic blue color gives a modern and appreciable tone.

If, on the other hand, you decide to hide it behind a door, do not keep the clutter, thanks also to the brush that bends and follows the descending line of the vacuum cleaner, it will guarantee a minimum footprint.

Also nice is the touch display that we have come to know in the past.

Usage and performance | Proscenic I10 Review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and are now ready to give our opinion.

To make a complete contribution to our tests, we tested the suction power on classic ceramic tiles but also on fabrics such as carpets, sofas and armchairs.

We immediately discover autonomy

Obviously, also in this model it is possible to choose between different suction powers. Using the standard power the autonomy is about 50 minutes but of course it swoops down if it uses maximum suction. Furthermore, if during cleaning you go to dust a carpet, a boost will automatically activate which for obvious reasons will reduce the time of use. This function is obviously very convenient, in fact you can forget to increase the power to thoroughly clean your carpets because the Proscenic I10 will do it for you.

The autonomy of 50 minutes is roughly the standard of all cordless vacuum cleaners on the market and for daily cleaning of apartments with a standard size it is sufficient.

The three power levels. Manageable through the touch screen you can choose the automatic mode (which appears to be halfway between the other two) for almost all uses. This mode will allow you to safely vacuum a significant amount of crumbs and / or dirt without problems. If you want more power you can use the other power level which will be signaled by a fuller vortex on your display. On the contrary, for more delicate surfaces you can use the low intensity one.

During our tests we took full advantage the 350 W of power and we put a strain on the 25000 Pascal suction.

Overall, despite the slightly lower power, compared to the other components of the brand, we can say that any residue of dust or small dirt has been successfully sucked up.

Obviously, the lack of additional power is felt in the more thorough cleaning of fabrics such as carpets, armchairs or mattresses. The same goes for the additional brushes that are not supplied but overall we have nothing really important to complain about this Proscenic I10 in the suction phase.

Proscenic I10 review: affordable yet powerful

Who should buy the Proscenic I10?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this cordless vacuum cleaner to those who want to save a handful of euros without sacrificing a lot of quality. The Proscenic I10 manages to contain its price thanks to a less powerful (but still sufficient) motor and thanks to the lack of some accessories.

Obviously the higher power of the vacuum cleaners of the same brand is appreciated but even with this I10 you can make your home shine without making too many compromises.

During our tests we did not find any critical issues even if the lack of some brushes made itself felt. I also remember that the main brush is slightly smaller and this does not help in the historical flaw of lack of balance.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that allows you to save a few euros, down to some small compromises, you have found it.

Points in favor

  • Lower cost …
  • Good suction system
  • Bel design

Points against

  • … even if you have to give up something
  • This doesn’t have a good balance either
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