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Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT for complete smart home control

Finally Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT, in fact it will be possible to manage air fryers, smart locks and much more

In the near future, Proscenic plans to integrate with Siri and IFTTT as well smart devices, such as air fryers, smart locks, air purifiers and humidifiers. Proscenic thus becomes one of the few brands of smart home appliances that support Apple’s voice assistant and IFTTT, confirming itself as a versatile and easy-to-use solution for those who want “automate” the own home.

Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT for complete smart home control

Full voice control, thanks to Siri | Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT

Siri voice commands vary by model specific product and they are listed within the connected device in the Proscenic app. For example, with some robot vacuum cleaner models such as the Proscenic Floobot X1, users can use voice commands such as self-clean, spot clean, recharge, pause or continue, as well as regular the power Of aspiration and the flow of water.

All voice commands can be personalized using words chosen by the user: for example, if you want the robot vacuum cleaner the whole environment, it is enough to say: “Hey Siri, ask my robot to clean the whole house”. Then you can sit on the sofa and watch the robot start to clean the floors.

Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT for complete smart home control

Automate with IFTT and extend functionality

Proscenic has also partnered with If This Then Thatbetter known as IFTTT: a web service that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Proscenic device with other devices Smart Home and popular web services. Instead of pressing a button on the robot, in the app or setting a fixed schedule of days and times for cleaning, IFTTT it allows to start automatically the robot when you leave the house, pause the robot if the doorbell or phone rings, play a song or even send a tweet when a cleaning job is done.

Pre-configured applets are available on Proscenic’s IFTTT channel, including options to start the robot vacuum when you get home or at a pre-set time. You can also create custom commands for even more optimal control: the almost endless automation possibilities! Siri and IFTTT support will later be extended to other Proscenic-branded smart home devices, including air fryers, smart locks, air purifiers and humidifiers.

Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT for complete smart home control

Company words | Proscenic integrates Siri and IFTTT

Miles Jiangvice president of Proscenic, said the following about the upcoming news.

Our mission is to provide our users with the latest technology and convenience which is why we are excited to announce the integration of Siri and IFTTT with our Proscenic app. With these new features, our customers can easily control their home appliances by voice and automate tasks with little effort. Our expectation is that the integration will improve the overall customer experience and introduce innovative automation, setting our products apart from others in the market.

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