Proscenic P10 Pro Review: An amazing cordless vacuum cleaner

In this article we will see the review of the Proscenic P10 Pro. A cordless, powerful, economical and complete vacuum cleaner… will it also have any defects? Let’s find out together!

By now thanks to you will have learned about Proscenic as a brand, if you did not know it before, especially thanks to the reviews of the Proscenic S1 car vacuum cleaner and the 850T vacuum / floor cleaner robot. In this new review we close the circle with a “traditional” model of cordless vacuum cleaner.

With a more than contained cost, can you have a vacuum cleaner that performs the same functions as a more famous vacuum cleaner? Apparently the answer seems to be yes. We were already aware of the general quality of the brand but I do not deny that the surprise is really always around the corner when it comes to this Asian brand.

Packaging and design | Proscenic P10 Pro review

Inside the packaging of our Proscenic P10 Pro we really find a complete package. In addition to the obvious vacuum cleaner we find in fact 4 accessories, two brushes and two spouts, a bracket to hang the P10 Pro on the wall which will also act as a charging station including screws and dowels for fixing which can also be done using an adhesive wall applicator, a tube that will act as an extension, a small brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner, the instruction manual and the warranty. In a nutshell we are faced with a rich packaging that nothing to envy to much more expensive vacuum cleaners.

Obviously the convenience of being able to literally hang and recharge the object is irreplaceable but if you want you can also decide to use the charging transformer in a completely stand-alone way. To you the choice!

As for the design, even in this case we are faced with a painstaking work. The satin blue color and the beautiful choices of lines make it a piece of furniture that will not force you to hide your P10 Pro in some corner of the house.

The motor body is also practical and versatile. Overall, the slim and long lines make it practical and versatile. In fact, a single hand will be enough to be able to use it without problems. Whether the use is to vacuum a floor, a carpet or a cobweb placed in a corner of the ceiling, nothing will change. Each cleaning maneuver can be carried out effortlessly.

Among the points in favor we also find a wide grip of the handle that allows prolonged use without accidentally pressing the on and off button.

Still talking about aesthetic (and functional) choices we find a nice touch display that will allow you to keep under control the battery charge level and the power you are using.

Usage and performance | Proscenic P10 Pro review

We have tested the Proscenic P10 Pro for more than three weeks on all surfaces of the house and now we can give you a complete report on its uses. We used the boost brush connected to the extension to vacuum floors and carpets and the smaller brush directly connected to the motor body for sofas, armchairs, mattresses and the like.

Instead, the two spouts are indispensable to get to the less reachable points such as the joints of the windows or the corners of the house. The spout equipped with semi-rigid bristles will be an irreplaceable ally for removing your pet’s hair.

  • Weight: 3,7 Kg
  • Product dimensions: 74.2 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm
  • Motor power: 23000Pa
  • Filter: Multilayer Filtration System (Hepa)
  • Power: 260W
  • Battery: About 50 minutes

Let’s start with talking about the three power levels. Manageable through the touch screen you can choose the automatic mode (which appears to be halfway between the other two) for almost all uses. This mode will allow you to safely vacuum a significant amount of crumbs and / or dirt without any problems. If you want more power you can use the other power level which will be signaled by a fuller vortex on your display. On the contrary, for more delicate surfaces you can use the low intensity one.

Obviously, as the power rises, the battery life will decrease and it can run out even in 15 minutes if you make the most of your Proscenic P10 Pro. Do not worry, however, you will hardly need maximum suction. Indeed the automatic function will (almost) always satisfy every need.

Top accessories

The two motorized brushes boast a system capable of capturing dirt through a rotation that will hardly allow something to escape. Furthermore, a fundamental function is undoubtedly that of the toothed brush which, thanks to its shape, can cut animal hair and hair. In this way, kinks are avoided. The boost brush also boasts an automatic front lighting system.

If this is not the case, do not worry, a warning signal will appear on the screen and the vacuum cleaner will stop working as a precaution. Once the eventual skein is unraveled, everything will return to normal.

Another precaution made available to us by Proscenic is to be able to remove the battery. In this way you can buy a spare one to have double the duration and if it ever wears you can replace it without having to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

A small flaw is undoubtedly the lack of balance of the vacuum cleaner. Finding the right foothold is not always immediate. Before leaving your P10 Pro in an upright position you will have to make more than one attempt (at least for the first time).

Maintenance | Proscenic P10 Pro review

Maintenance of the Proscenic P10 Pro is quick and easy. To be able to clean this vacuum cleaner, just use one of the two systems available.

As a first choice, you can open the compartment under the filter and drop the dust directly into the dustbin. This way the dirt will have no way of returning to your airways.

For a deeper cleaning, however, we suggest you unhook the entire tank and disassemble all the individual parts. By following the instructions (also placed on the tank) the operation will be simple from the first times. You will also find to help you a series of guides and joints that will not allow you to make mistakes during reassembly. Furthermore, if something is not in its place, the vacuum cleaner will not perform the vacuum and consequently the problem will be easily understood.

The filter of the P10 Pro is completely washable with simple water. The only precaution is to let everything dry properly. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that something could get stuck in the extension tube and consequently you have to be careful what you are going to suck.

Proscenic P10 Pro Review: An amazing cordless vacuum cleaner

Who should buy the Proscenic P10 pro?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this Proscenic P10 Pro to all people who want a cordless vacuum cleaner but which until now have been kept away due to prices that are not always accessible. But be careful, saving is not always synonymous with earning. Fortunately, however, with this model you will be on the safe side.

While not exempt from some small flaws, this vacuum cleaner remains in a more than affordable price range but without (almost) envying anything to the much more famous direct competitors.

The more than complete packaging and the competitive price make this Proscenic a real best buy in its category. As already mentioned, some small defects such as balance and an extension tube difficult to free in case of involuntary aspiration of some object is not lacking but despite everything the quality of this vacuum cleaner remains obvious.

Points in favor

  • Packaging completo
  • Competitive price
  • Replaceable battery

Points against

  • Uncertain equilibrium
  • Extension tube difficult to release