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Proscenic P12: presented the new wireless vacuum cleaner

Proscenic has just introduced the brand new P12 cordless vacuum cleaner. Let’s get to know him together in this article

Proscenica leading company in the field of smart home appliances designed to help families improve their comfort and quality of life, presented the latest model of cordless vacuum cleaner, the P12. The new device makesautonomy and of versatility of use its cornerstones. So let’s start this article and discover this new concentration of home cleaning technology.

Everything you need to know about the new Proscenic P12 cordless vacuum cleaner

Equipped with a upgraded anti-tangle roller brusha brushless motor that provides it with a suction power of 33 kPa (120AW), effectively collects dirt and debris on the floor. Also, the Patented V-shaped guide bristle works with the internal brushes to effectively reduce hair tangles, delivering a powerful performance.

A big 2600mAh battery allows up to 60 minutes of cleaning in silent mode. The possibility of adding an additional battery further extends the operation of the device. Also, the dust collection container has a capacity of 1.2Lthus avoiding frequent emptying. The lighting of the rear is the LED green makes fine dust visible.

Proscenic P12: presented the new wireless vacuum cleaner

The flagship of the new vacuum cleaner is the air filtration system which, thanks to its 5 stages, captures 99.99% of dust and emits purified hypoallergenic air. The cyclone separates large particles, preventing blockages and loss of suction. Two HEPA filters prevent the emission of particles larger than 0,3 micron.

And large LED screen it shows the battery level, the suction mode and signals the presence of stuck or blocked brushes. The 180° swivel steering wheel allows you to comfortably clean hard-to-reach spots from any angle. You can buy this vacuum cleaner at Amazon (find the box at the end of the article) at the recommended price of €239.

However, until March 5thit will be possible to apply a €40 coupon directly on the product page and entering the discount code OOO8DRAX you will have an additional price drop of 30 € for one total of only 169 €. What do you think of this new vacuum cleaner and the discount on the occasion of its arrival on the European market? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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