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Proscenic: presented the new Floobot X1 and V10 robot vacuum cleaners

Proscenic presents the Floobot X1 and V10 robots – the latest generation of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. The new products ensure deep cleaning, with simultaneous suction and washing. The X1 differs from its “brother” V10 by being equipped, in addition, with an automatic emptying base

Proscenic is a leading company in the field of smart home appliances designed to help families improve their comfort and quality of life. In the last few hours it has presented the latest models of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners Floobot X1 and V10. Designed to effectively remove even the most stubborn dirt. Both devices make autonomy, power and versatility of use their strong points. The X1 differs from its “brother” V10 in that it is also supplied with an automatic emptying base.

Proscenic: presented the new Floobot X1 and V10 robot vacuum cleaners

Details on Proscenic’s new Floobot X1 and V10

These robots are equipped with a 2.5L capacity dust bag and a 250ml water tank. For this Proscenic’s new smart vacuum cleaners guarantee cleaning of the house for up to 30 consecutive days. Through the Vibright high-frequency washing system and a powerful 3000 Pa suction, it is possible to deeply clean the house thanks to the 2-in-1 option of simultaneous suction and washing. Indeed, with a vibration of 3000 times per minute, X1 and V10 make it possible to effectively remove stubborn stains and, by regulating their intensity, to adapt to all floors.


PathPro Laser Assisted Navigation ensures accurate mapping of your home, customizable and editable through the Proscenic app. Giving the user the ability to set the route and areas that should not be cleaned. In addition to the carpet sensor, floor tracking sensors allow floor cleaning in neat rows and leave no area untouched. The anti-collision sensors detect objects and avoid shocks, while the level sensors, in the presence of stairs or steps, prevent any damage and falls of the device.


Elegant and slim design of only 7.4cm, and cutting-edge technology! The new X1 and V10 have been designed to reach even the most difficult points, under the sofa, the wardrobe, the bed, the furniture, guaranteeing effective cleaning throughout the house. Furthermore, X1 and V10 differ from other robots by the carpet identifier sensor. This allows you to automatically increase the suction power for a deeper cleaning. Finally, the Proscenic smart app allows you to experience a complete cleaning experience. The application offers real-time monitoring of the performance of the appliance, and allows you to remotely start the car wash mode. Finally, it allows you to view the state of wear of the components, also tracking the cleaning time and the area covered by the device.

Proscenic: presented the new Floobot X1 and V10 robot vacuum cleaners

Availability and prices of the new Proscenic Floobot X1 and V10

The X1 is already available and on sale on the official Amazon webshop with a price that is around 499.00 euros.

While the V10 is available at a price that is around 299.00 euros.

And you ? What do you think of these new models of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners from Proscenic ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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