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Proscenic presents Floobot M9: the robot that vacuums, cleans and empties itself

The Proscenic company has presented its new robot Floobot M9, capable of vacuuming and cleaning like no other. And when it’s done, it empties itself

Proscenic, a leading company in the smart home appliances sector, presents the new Floobot M9, a high-end robot that combines suction and washing in a single device. The brand further confirms its commitment to providing solutions, products and services capable of improving the quality of life and everyday life of families through technology.

Designed for the most demanding users and the most complex environments, it is equipped with an innovative system of double rotating mops with 120 rpm. The automatic emptying base, with a 2.5 liter disposable dust bag, allows an autonomy of about 60 days; the 5200 mAh battery guarantees up to 250 minutes of continuous suction. Maximum customization freedom, with the possibility of control via voice commands and IFTTT.

Details on the new Proscenic Floobot M9

The newcomer in the Proscenic family is in fact an attentive and collaborative ally for domestic cleaning. Able to offer improved performance with each activation, meeting the expectations of the most demanding users.

What sets the M9 apart from its predecessors is the introduction of the all-new dual rotor system. With a high rotational speed of 120 RPM (revolutions per minute), downward pressure up to 6N; the rotating mops actively clean even the most stubborn residues and stains along the way – in a way that would not be possible with a single mop.

The availability of three adjustable water flow levels then allows you to customize the humidity of the mops according to individual needs. In addition, the larger cleaning area covered by the combination of the two mops allows for more efficient cleaning, saving time and effort.

Equipped with a practical self-emptying base with a 2.5 liter disposable dust bag, the robot has an autonomy of about 60 days. Thanks to the battery capacity of 5200 mAh, the M9 guarantees up to 250 minutes of continuous suction.

The possibility of reaching a height of 20 mm allows the robot to move around the house without interruptions and, when working on carpets, it automatically increases the suction power, for deeper cleaning.

Furthermore, thanks to the integration of Lidar (Light detection and ranging), allows you to accurately scan and map your home, creating up to 5 maps viewable on the Proscenic app. Advanced IPNAS 5.0 Lidar Navigation technology ensures maximum accuracy; with the definition of a zig-zag cleaning path, the reset of missed points and the intelligent avoidance of obstacles.

Proscenic presents Floobot M9: the robot that vacuums, cleans and empties itself


Finally, one of the most interesting and innovative features of Proscenic robots is the possibility of being controlled through vocal commandsthe. Whether it’s Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Siri Shortcuts, the M9 can be conveniently reached with just one word – this makes the cleaning experience undoubtedly more convenient.

Finally, the possibility of integration with IFTTT allows you to customize the commands and create even more customized automation, so as to satisfy all specific needs.

We are proud to present this product, which contains innovation and design in a single device,

said EchoSiVice President of Proscenic.

With the Floobot M9 robot vacuum cleaner, we set out to take the cleaning experience to a higher level, pursuing our goal of simplifying people’s lives, helping them to make their home environment healthier and more livable without effort.

The M9 is available on Amazon for €477.04 (apply the €50 coupon code and enter the code “M9M9M9M9” for an additional €21.96 off). Original price: €549.

And you? What do you think of this Proscenic Floobot M9 ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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