Proscenic smart appliances: less chores, more free time

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Less housework and more free time with Proscenic remote controlled smart home appliances. You can save over 30 hours a month

Proscenic is a leading company in smart home appliances and smart home solutions. The company analyzed how much time the most cutting-edge devices can make people “earn” in a month, freeing them from tedious tasks

Devices that can be operated remotely have long since entered our homes and our daily lives. Just a touch via the app, or even better a voice command, and the robot vacuum cleaner cleans for us; or again the shutters go up, the lights go on and the coffee starts to warm up by itself, even before we wake up.

A great convenience and also a significant time saving. How many hours can connected devices earn us in a month? This was asked by Proscenic, leader in the sector of smart appliances and smart home solutions, taking into consideration some of the activities that can be easily optimized thanks to interconnected devices.

Proscenic smart appliances: less chores, more free time

Proscenic smart appliances: helpers in the kitchen, the moka that prepares the coffee and the fridge that does the shopping

The vast majority of Italians, according to data from a FIPE survey, dedicate about 30 minutes to this activity every day: that is, 15 hours a month. A commitment that can be drastically reduced thanks to food processors that do everything themselvesthere (or almost): the most advanced models can be operated remotely, following the pre-set recipes.

But it doesn’t end here: among the smart helpers in the kitchen we can mention the self-activating moka (the advantage is not so much saving time, but waking up with the smell of coffee) e the fridge that does the shopping by itself; it is possible to check the supplies even while you are away from home, thanks to the cameras that send photos of the interior, and then do the shopping via the App. A great saving, considering that the average Italian spends between 2 and 3 hours a week at the supermarket, according to Everli research: at least 8 hours a month.

Goodbye (or almost) cleaning with vacuum cleaners and robot scrubbers

According to expert estimates, it takes about 20 minutes to vacuum a 100m² apartment, to which another 20 minutes are added for washing floors. An activity, therefore, relatively time-consuming, which on average is performed at least 2 times a week. With a quick calculation, we arrive at 320 minutes per month, equal to over 5 hours.

A time that can be dedicated to more stimulating activities, thanks to robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. Among the most effective and convenient models, there are Proscenic’s Floobot X1 and V10, which are characterized by autonomy, power and versatility of use. The X1 differs from its “brother” V10 in that it is also supplied with an automatic emptying base. This saves even more time!

Both appliances can be controlled via the Proscenic smart app, but not only; thanks to the latest update, they can also be operated by voice, via Siri, while the integration with IFTT offers an even higher degree of automation.

Proscenic smart appliances: blinds and lights, automated washers and dryers

Maybe they won’t bring a great advantage in terms of time, but they certainly represent a great convenience: we are talking about kits that allow you to make shutters and lights smart. In the case of a three-room apartment, with at least 5 windows, manually opening and closing the shutters can take up to 5 minutes a day, for a total of 150 minutes, or 2 and a half hours a month.

It is difficult to calculate the time savings that smart bulbs can bring. But being able to turn off the forgotten light on with just a word, without having to get out of bed or sofa, is priceless and could help the laziest to become more sustainable. The same goes for remotely controlled washing machines and dryers, which can be activated at the best time slots to promote energy savings, even when you are away from home.

Taking only these activities into consideration, the list could be extended, for example to gardening devices; for those who have a green space to take care of, thanks to the devices that can be operated remotely, it is possible to save around 30.5 hours a month. Hours that can be invested, perhaps away from home, in much more stimulating activities than household chores.

The Proscenic philosophy

This concept encompasses the entire Proscenic philosophy:

Our mission is to use the power of technology, concentrated in efficient and convenient products, to improve people’s quality of life, making household chores as simple and smart as possible,

commented Miles JiangVice President of Proscenic.

And you? What do you think about these remotely controllable smart home appliances from Proscenic ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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