Proscenic T31 review: 2-in-1 oven and air fryer

In this review we will get to know the Proscenic T31 oven and air fryer. How did he behave in our hands?

For some time now, the market for large and small appliances has begun to change. The single life of many people and the smaller and smaller houses have led to the increasingly large purchase of “large miniaturized appliances“. A practical example are the various small ovens that can be found in every shop and that often “decorate” our kitchen shelves. Let’s face it, turning on a large oven just to cook a cutlet isn’t exactly the best.

The fryers market has also pushed in this direction which, after the dear and old oil fryers it passed to the air ones. This way you not only save some money, but we will not have to waste large quantities of oil for a small portion of fries. In addition to the savings, the is also added wholesomeness of fried foods but without oil. But what happens if these two small appliances are merged into one? Let’s start this Proscenic T31 review and let’s find out together.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 40,8 x 38,8 x 34,1 cm
  • Weight net: ≅ 5,9 kg
  • Capacity: 15 L
  • Oven dimensions: 27,4 x 29,7 x 17,9 cm
  • Power: 1700 W
  • Temperature range: 35° – 205° C
  • Time lapse: 1 – 60 minutes
  • Operation: manually or via app (via Wi-Fi connection)
  • Accessories: 1 drip tray, 2 cooking trays, 1 rotisserie fork, 1 rotisserie tongs, 1 rotisserie cage, 1 rotisserie skewer set

Design and packaging | Proscenic T31 review

The Proscenic T31 will arrive in one not exactly eco-friendly packaging. Although the box is obviously made of cardboard, the protections against accidental impacts are made of polystyrene. Inside, in addition to the appliance, we also find a user manual, a small recipe book in English e i various accessories to prepare many and tasty dishes. Among these there will be the various pans for cooking meat, the rotisserie fork for cooking chicken, the frying cage and a set consisting of eight pieces to prepare succulent skewers.

The oven has an elegant design. The dimensions of 40.8 x 38.8 x 34.1 cm make it slightly bulky, especially if you don’t have enough space on the kitchen counter. However, such abundant dimensions allow for a larger oven, with a capacity of 15 L. This allows you to cook dishes that require more space, such as a whole chicken, without having to cut it into parts. You can then bring the whole food intact, making a good impression with your friends.

Above the opening of the oven we find i comandi touch which will allow you to select a preset mode, activate the rotisserie or oven light, switch on the appliance, start cooking or pause it. From here it will also be possible to activate the preheating function or the one to keep the food hot once it has been prepared. Furthermore, thanks to the convenient ring nut it will be possible to set both the temperature and the timer. To switch between these two parameters will suffice click the button located inside the ring.

There are no buttons or decorations on the sides. Slightly different speech applies to the rear. In fact, here we find a comfortable handle that can be used to comfortably take the oven. However, the real functionality of this handle is that of keep the appliance away from any wall. In fact, in correspondence with this we find the opening for the expulsion of hot air.

Proscenic T31 review: 2-in-1 oven and air fryer

Many dishes, one appliance | Proscenic T31 review

Cooking various dishes will no longer be a problem. During our rehearsals we prepared different dishes and on each one the T31 performed very well. Whether it is a fried dish or a dish to do in the oven, cooking has always been impeccable. We got chicken crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside, well browned and crispy fries and so much more. On the other hand, it could only be so thanks to power of 1700 W.

The temperature range then varies from 35 ° C to 205 ° C. This allows us to cook food at more or less high temperatures according to our needs; we can also keep the dishes warm or reheat them as needed. Thanks to TurboAir technology the air circulates 360 degrees, allowing you to have a fast cooking of food. This makes it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. But the real convenience comes from the tide of preset modes that will allow us quickly set the various parameters. The only thing left to do is put everything in the oven and start cooking.

Obviously the modalities are not dogmas to be respected in all respects. If we need to vary one of the two parameters, be it time or temperature, we can do it easily. To help us in the cooking come the various accessories that we will have to use according to our needs. The latter are well established and there they allow you to cook practically anything, reducing the risk of burns to a minimum, although opening the oven can create many problems for those with large enough hands.

Proscenic T31 review: 2-in-1 oven and air fryer

A smart use, but with some problems | Proscenic T31 review

Although it is possible to manage the oven manually, the company has decided to make everything very smart, ensuring fast use and 360-degree supervision of every aspect. However, downloading and using it is not exactly a walk in the park. Although the company provides a QR code, the site is unsafe e downloading the apk is practically impossible. We will therefore be forced to search for it manually on the stores, but even here it is not easy. There are indeed multiple apps with the same name, making it impossible to distinguish which is the right one.

Once you understand which one is the right one, you will need to register and then connect the oven to the home Wi-Fi. Although we are told that only the 2.4 GHz connection should be used, we we were able to connect to the 5 GHz one as well. If such a thing wasn’t possible, solving the problem would not have been easy for those who are not used to it, making these functions unusable. Once the fryer is connected we will be able to activate any function via the app.

Here it will also be possible to manage the recipe book in Italian, although the latter appears very rough both as regards the ingredients, but above all for the procedure to be carried out. The fundamental problem arises from one translation not exactly accurate. The latter in fact risks giving us more doubts than those it solves. While using we also encountered some small initial connection problems, but nothing serious. During cooking, however, there are no disconnections or other problems of any kind.

Proscenic T31 review: 2-in-1 oven and air fryer


We have now reached the end of this review on the Proscenic T31, the 2 in 1 oven that also acts as an air fryer and it is time to sum up a bit. The small appliance shows up very stylish thanks to its design and the black color chosen by the company. However, elegance is not everything for the company. Thanks to its 1700 W of power and TurboAir technology, the oven is able to cook food quickly, let’s take a chicken for example, making them crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The capacity of 15 L allows us to insert dishes also quite voluminous inside. However, although the space is well managed, those with large enough hands will find it not a few difficulties in juggling inside the oven, especially with the various accessories that work with the rotisserie. Placing them inside the first few times is not easy and if we preheat the oven we will risk touching something and burning ourselves slightly.

Apart from these small problems due to inexperience however cooking has never been easier, above all thanks to the various preset programs that will allow the cooking of meat, vegetables, sweets, various chips and much more. The whole is manageable by an app that is not exactly easy to find on the stores and which is impossible to download from the official site. Despite this, however, it works quite well, especially in the cooking phase.

This small appliance also turns out easy to clean and accessories for cooking chicken and skewers have excellent heat dissipation. This allows you to touch them directly with your hand already after a couple of minutes that they have been put out of the oven, but obviously always take the necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. That’s all for this review on the Proscenic T31. We remind you that this small appliance is on sale on Amazon at the recommended price of 179 €. In order not to miss future reviews from the electronic universe and the technological one in general, continue to follow the pages of!

Excellent both as an oven and as a fryer

Points in favor

  • Perfect cooking
  • Possibility of being able to cook different dishes
  • Little noisy
  • Large capacity …
  • Control via app …

Points against

  • Translation of the cookbook is not perfect
  • … with too large overall dimensions
  • … difficult to find in the stores
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