Proscenic WashVac F20 review: powder and liquid in one step

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In this article we will see the review of the Proscenic WashVac F20 latest found in the Chinese brand that promises to suck up solids, liquids and wash everything at the same time. Will it really be like this?

We learned about Proscenic thanks to several reviews. Taking a look at the past we find the excellent Proscenic P10 Pro or thanks to the review of the Proscenic P11 Smart model ambassador of the Chinese house and still other models you can read about on our pages.

Now it’s time to talk about an object that could change the perception of household cleaning done through a cordless vacuum cleaner. Will this product have succeeded in fulfilling all the promises made to us and guaranteeing a complete and effective cleaning? Let’s find out together in the Proscenic WashVac F20 review.

Proscenic WashVac F20 review: powder and liquid in one step

Packaging e design | Recensione Proscenic WashVac F20

Inside the package there is certainly no shortage of accessories. In fact, in addition to our F20 (to which the handle must be fixed with a simple joint), we find the charging base, two Hepa filters, the two tanks (dirty water and clean water), two roller brushes, the charger, a battery, a bottle of special detergent, a brush for cleaning the tanks and the instruction manual.

The design chosen is almost the same as we have appreciated in the past, sober but elegant. The gunmetal gray color gives a modern and appreciable tone.

The double display is also nice even if this time it does not turn out to be touch. Choice probably made to stay on a more accessible price.

To switch between the modes, simply press the dedicated button on the handle. To start self-cleaning and drying, on the other hand, just give the command once after putting the F20 back in the base.

Proscenic WashVac F20 review: powder and liquid in one step

Usage and performance | Proscenic WashVac F20 review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and are now ready to give our opinion.

To give a complete opinion we have tried this vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces and different tiles by deliberately dirtying (and sometimes not doing it on purpose) our walkable surfaces.

Let’s talk about autonomy

Despite the power of only 150 Watts, the autonomy declared by the house is about 45 minutes, since it is more or less shared by our tests but attention: valid only if you use the F20 in its less energy-intensive mode. The focal point is that with the mode that has the lowest consumption and consequently a longer duration, cleaning is obviously much less intense. In most cases, mixed use of the modalities will have to be used. In doing so, the duration of the charge will be between 25 and 30 minutes.

Enough time to clean about two rooms with a total footage of 45-50 square meters. Our advice is to consider purchasing a second battery that can be charged through the dock while the main battery is recharged through the vacuum cleaner body itself. Obviously, if you have a smaller house or if you have less intense cleaning, the situation changes radically.

Daily tests and uses

The power is not the best anyway. We speak in fact of only 150 Watts which turn into 15000 Pascal. Data clearly lower than those to which the brand has accustomed us.

Despite everything we have written, suction is not completely to be rejected, as, despite the reduced power, this is partly mitigated by the excellent roller brush that manages to suck up most of the dirt and does it while washing.

Although the suction of solids is not the best performing, that of liquids has pleasantly surprised us.

Last but not least the stain test. While there is a self-management cleaning system that increases the power for the most stubborn stains, it was not easy to thoroughly clean the most stubborn dirt. For some stains left by a dried fruit juice it took several steps. The problem is that by doing so, the autonomy was no longer sufficient to finish our cleaning cycle and the time dedicated to it has significantly increased.

Overall, however, the mildest cleanings are carried out and the water released for washing dries very quickly which is really great.

The one-liter tanks each allow a good autonomy and although a greater capacity would have been appreciable, it would certainly have given weight problems.

Although the Proscenic F20 has a system that thanks to the brush motor helps the natural thrust of the vacuum cleaner, lifting it for storage with larger tanks would have been much more tiring.

The system for emptying the dirty water tank is excellent, which separates the solids from the liquids and allows you to wash the container effortlessly.

The self-cleaning system is also excellent that after returning the vacuum cleaner to the base and pressing the appropriate button, it will wash the brush, the drain hose and, if necessary, start the deep cleaning. Furthermore, once the cleaning cycle is finished, drying will start.

How does the application work?

The application (once our F20 is connected to the network) proves to be functional and useful. In fact, you can change the language and set the volume of the messages of your floor cleaner, if you do not want to do it from the button on the handle. In addition, a register is created that allows you to take into account the cleaning carried out and the most used methods.

Although the app is not essential, or rather it is almost negligible at a later time, it is essential to download it at the first start. Thanks to it it is possible to update the firmware which solves various problems (which we ourselves have found) related all’overheating battery. For the less technical we can translate the problem into the continuous charge of the battery even though it is already at maximum. Problem that leads to excessive overheating of the same and general problems for the vacuum cleaner.

Who should buy the Proscenic F20?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this vacuum cleaner, sucks liquids and scrubber floors to those who want, with a single object, to do all the housework but without expecting a deep cleaning.

If used daily it could also be right for you for all those unexpected situations where some liquid spills on the floor.

If you have a medium-sized house it will almost be mandatory to buy a second battery. Obviously, we must take into account the lack of general power that differs greatly from the classic vacuum cleaners. The F20 wants to do everything, but unfortunately, those who want nothing too tightly or in this case aspire little. Even in a complete picture, we can be satisfied, net of its small limitations.

Obviously, the good general price must also be considered, which is certainly more affordable than most of the competitors.

Points in favor

  • Good three-in-one system
  • Bel design
  • Excellent handling

Points against

  • Little power
  • Poor autonomy