PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

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In the past few hours Sony has made official the games that will be available free for all subscribers to the PS Plus in May: find out with us what you can play on PS4 and PS5 this month

Sony’s subscription service, the PlayStation Plus, is about to undergo a profound transformation with the launch of what at the time everyone called the Spartacus Project and which is, in a nutshell, a tier division of the company’s offer for fans of the brand. We have given you all the details in a dedicated article and, to date, we just have to wait until the end of next June, a period in which the news will finally be able to land in Europe. The first level, however, will continue to be exactly the PlayStation Plus we’ve always known: possibility to play online and some monthly titles, chosen by Sony, that can be redeemed for free.

You know what you leave you don’t know what you find

In April, the free games redeemable by PS Plus subscribers were Hood Outlaws & Legends, Slay The Spire and Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom, and you can only redeem them until next May 2nd, so hurry up if you haven’t. Starting May 3rdInstead, you will find nothing less than available in the catalog FIFA 22 (PS4 e PS5), Tribes of Midgard (PS4 e PS5) e Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4). And if you were wondering yes: they are exactly those of the leak of the other day, like every holy month.

FIFA 22 | PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

We don’t have much to say about the first PS Plus title in May – it’s FIFA. The latest iteration of the EA Sports series that has had a different competition than usual, with a Konami that has abandoned the PES brand and tried the path of Free-to-Play, partly failing. The iconic football title immediately grinded its impressive numbers, like every year, even if the news is actually not all that remarkable. We talked about it in detail in our review of the PC version, and from this month you can try the experience for yourself.

PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

Tribes of Midgard | PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

Developed by Norsfell and published by Gearbox, the dads among the many in the series of Borderlands and Tiny Tina’s, Tribes of Midgard is an action title that joins some survival mechanics to the foundations of the genre. In addition to clashes and fights with enemies, in fact, our protagonist will have to fortify the base of his tribe, both in single player and in cooperative multiplayer up to 10 players at the same time. The title was one of the most anticipated games of last July and met with some success, both in the public and in the critics. Advised!

PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

Curse of the Dead Gods | PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

Developed by Passtech Games, Curse of the Dead Gods (our review here!) Is a fairly good roguelike born in a historical moment in which The Binding of Isaac and Hades are the masters. To be able to stand out in a genre that has such markedly important titles, Curse of the Dead Gods had the daunting task of having to come up with original mechanics and trigger that spark in the player. A half-successful task, because the Passtech Games title has some flaws typical of the genre, but we still tend to recommend it both for the good ideas and the good heart put at the base by the developers, and because it is available at a budget price.

PS Plus May 2022: PS4 and PS5 free games announced

Good fun!

And here we are in closing: these were the free games that PS Plus subscribers will be able to redeem in May 2022. Let us know what you think of this offer below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, videogame and tech themed guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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