PS5: a redesign expected in 2022

Fans are wondering how long the shortage of consoles on the market will continue. Meanwhile, according to some sources, PS5 should have a redesign of the components in 2022

PS5 continues to be talked about. In fact, the shortage of consoles on the market continues. This is a problem that Sony is called upon to solve. The question is explained when the socio-economic situation is analyzed. In fact, the pandemic has mainly affected the consumer electronics sector and beyond. The chip crisis obviously has an impact on the world of gaming and consoles. For these complex reasons, Sony has provided a PS5 redesign by 2022 with different technologies.

Sony has a PS5 redesign in the works with different components

Following some industrial sources, such as DigiTimes, suppliers such as TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will start production of a PS5 redesign around the second or third quarter of the year 2022. Additionally, Dr. Serkan Toto added that the new console production will have new processors “semi-customizzati“It’s AMD 6nm. Here the main difference with the previous models. The reason for these changes is that the CPUs a 5nm they are currently more expensive to produce. However, take this news in moderation. However, a redesign of the console by Sony would not be completely out of the question. rather.

PS5: a redesign expected in 2022

In the usual call for quarterly reports, Sony’s CFO, Hiroki Totoki, said the issue is not just about semiconductors, but “other factors” as well. For this, he added that a change in the design console would help improve the situation. If we actually see this new design in 2022, it won’t be as successful with PS4 Pro with the introduction of new features. We will see how the new production line will be a solution to long term for the problems of the Japanese company.

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