PS5: error code CE-100028-1, how to fix?

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In this new guide we will explain how to resolve the error marked by the code CE-100028-1 which risks appearing on PS5

There’s nothing worse than buying a new game that maybe you’ve been waiting a long time for unable to install it. In fact, sometimes when you try to install a new game on your Sony console an annoying error may appear mistake which does not allow you to proceed with the operation. Luckily if the error code corresponds to CE-100028-1 then it simply means that Your PS5’s SSD is too full and as often happens in these cases you just need to make some space to solve the problem.

PS5: error code CE-100028-1, how to fix?

Cleaning time | PS5: error code CE-100028-1, how to fix?

If you are faced with error code CE-100028-1, then it means that the software you are trying to install is too big and there is not enough free space in the SSD. In this case, first of all we invite you to go to the settingsto select “Storage memory” and finally click on “System storage memory“. From here you can actually check how much memory you still have available on the SSD and then move on to deleting the software you don’t need.

To make room you can try to delete some screens and videos saved in the gallery, but if you need to free up a lot of gigabytes then you will necessarily have to delete some games. Luckily in this case the procedure is very simple, as you just need to go to the icon of the title to be deleted on the home page, press the options button of the DualSense and finally click on delete. Alternatively you can delete the software directly from the system storage screenso as to have a clearer idea of ​​how much space you will actually free up.

PS5: error code CE-100028-1, how to fix?

Ready to play

This concludes our guide on how to resolve error CE-100028-1 on PS5. Now that you have made some space, there will finally be nothing left to stand between you and your new game.

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