Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

To manage a stellar blade you need to know how to break through: here's what you need to start properly in Stellar Blade among tricks and tips

With our Marta struggling with the review of the game and all the talk that has been made about its belonging to the soulslike genre, you will surely want to tackle Stellar Blade keeping the various ones at hand tricks (or rather, i advice) of the case: we have written some in the past, and now we tell you what else do you need to know. If you are our loyal readers, you know that we have no shortage of suggestions. The development team Shift Up in this sense it has done a good job of introducing new mechanics as we progress through the long adventure. What the game doesn't tell you, however, is how to make the most of the experience. Which is something that we generally tend to discover on our own, but this hasn't stopped us from obtaining a good litmus test suited to everyone's needs for better or worse.

Collect objects, collect hair | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

The first of our tricks is something that you might also ask yourself without consulting the advice in this guide: why does the loot have to be collected manually in Stellar Blade? For some reason, among the various options, automatic loot collection It is disabled. Remedy this oversight in Shift Up and voilà, the beautiful Eve will start collecting objects and currency without you having to press triggers and whatnot. In the same menu, then, you will also find an item to decide if the protagonist must keep your hair in a long ponytail or if he can do without it. The second option is also the one that helps you keep an eye on what your enemies are up to, so…

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

Imbo-snap | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

Even the most basic Naytiba enemies can prove to be tough opponents: after all, it's a soulslike. All the more reason to explore your Skill Tree right away: one that's right for you allows you to ambush enemies. Thanks to ambushes it is in fact possible to hit enemies from behind, which generally results in a free elimination. However, since it is not always possible, it would be useful to also resort toshooting skills to get close to enemies on the fly for whom ambush is not an option. Of course, it won't be like the “gifted” elimination of ambushes, but it's still a matter of a few blows inflicted in rapid succession before the opponent can get back at you. Also useful after a dodge to return to hitting the enemy with blows.

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

Guard(i)ae im-para | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

Did we already mention that it's a soulslike? “I have a plan: attack” is a good phrase for Iron Man and an equally good way to die immediately, so you better get used to playing (also) defensively. There guardia it will drop when taking hits, but it remains an excellent method for squaring up a new enemy. Even better, then, if you manage to carry out one perfect dodge or, if possible, a last-second counterattack. It's the bread and butter of every soulslike, after all, and the game also does you the courtesy of making it easier with a visual indicator. These are colored flashes based on the action requested of you, whether it is a dodge or a parry. Press □ on the skills menu once you reach the one you want to perfect. There are other ways around this, but we're pretty sure you'll thank us in due time.

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

Smiles and scans (and missions) | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

The DualSense touchpad allows you to scan your surroundings. By the third scuffle with the enemies it is easy to forget this, but we would advise you to keep it in mind. Scanning often reveals where hidden enemies are, as well as highlighting tools and characters you can interact with. This includes the carcasses of the unfortunate ones who, for you, can prove to be a source of useful upgrades. All of this, of course, costs you nothing, especially if you aim for completionism. In the latter case, however, at side quests there is no escape. To find them more easily, in addition to the noticeboards, you can turn to non-player characters: the final phases of the adventure can turn out to be very different based on the missions you have faced. No spoilers, folks!

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

“Hello, who's travelling?” and the two indicators | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

In addition to heading to all the camps to stock up, you should also activate all the public telephones that you find, for a very simple reason: each of them is a point for the quick travel! Even if at the beginning it is not an option that may particularly interest you, as you progress through the game you will often find yourself facing missions in which you return to previous areas. And, as you progress through the adventure, you will have access to two skills with attached trees and indicators: by holding down L1 or R1 in combo with the front buttons you can use attacks Beta and the moves Burst. In both cases these are very powerful attacks, which should be integrated into your moveset. In moderation, of course: in fact, it is better to invest in the skill tree without getting carried away, otherwise you will find yourself discovered in some areas. Choose the moves to unlock based on the weaknesses you need to cover.

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

Tips in green | What to know to succeed in Stellar Blade

At this point in the guide, a chuckle escaped us. Since Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive, it's funny that the side quests and the most significant conversations are accessible to non-player characters marked with a Green Point. But it is not the only “help” that you can use to your advantage. Sometimes you may come across panels where you can enter a sequence of symbols. You will usually have to find the code elsewhere before you can enter it, and in case you forgot it along the way you can always use the hint option. No, it doesn't count as a “cheat” because it is only accessible if you found the code elsewhere. If you see the entry without being able to select it, you simply don't have the code yet.

Stellar Blade: what to know to accompany EveStellar Blade: what to know to accompany Eve

Experiment with difficulty

Now that we're at the end of the road with tips and tricks for Stellar Blade, you'll want to know what we think of the difficulty level. And here, it pains us to admit, we have to be vague. Basically, the combat system knows how to reward stubbornness, so Normal mode would be the best option: be patient and you will prevail over your enemies. However, this does not prevent you from experimenting, especially by working on timing thanks to the slowdown to which the enemies are subjected during the tutorials. Lower the difficulty level to learn the basics of the fight, and then return to the higher difficulty level once you're about to deal the final blow to the boss. You will also return to the last save, of course, but you will do it knowing what you have to do.

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