PS5: error code CE-108862-5, how to fix?

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In this new guide we will explain how to resolve the error marked with the code CE-108862-5 which is causing problems for many PS5s.

After a tiring day, many gamers can’t wait to get in front of their PlayStation play online with friends, but unfortunately this is not always possible. In fact, sometimes there may be sudden problems make access to the server impossible. Il error code more common on PS5 in these cases is CE-108862-5 and in this guide we will explain how to solve by following a few simple steps.

PS5: error code CE-108862-5, how to fix?

Network Problems | PS5: error code CE-108862-5, how to fix?

If the error code CE-108862-5 appears on your PS5 then it means that the console is having problems connecting to the PlayStation Network servers. The causes that can trigger this error are different and you can find them below some steps to follow to try to solve the problem:

  • Check the status of your PSN
    • Often this specific error is not linked to a problem with your console but rather with the servers. To be on the safe side, we always invite you first to check the PlayStation Network status page on the official Sony website to understand if there are any general problems with the service.
  • Switch to wired connection
    • If your PS5 is having trouble accessing the servers there may be issues with your wifi. In this case we invite you to turn off your console, connect it to the router directly with a cable and try to connect again.
  • Check the connection
    • If your console continues to present this error then we invite you to go to the settings, click on “network” and finally select “check internet connection” to make sure there are no problems with the connection.
  • Restart the router
    • Another possible solution for this problem is to restart the router. To do this, simply disconnect your device from the power supply for at least 5 full minutes and then reconnect it.
  • Wait
    • Finally, the last piece of advice we can give you is to try to wait a bit. Sometimes this error can be caused by external problems such as network congestion and in these cases all you can do is wait for it to resolve itself.

If after trying all these methods the problem persists then unfortunately the situation could be more serious than expected. In this case we invite you to contact Sony support and try to find a solution together with them. Also remember that often Network problems can also be caused by your provider and in these cases unfortunately you will have to contact them directly.

PS5: error code CE-108862-5, how to fix?

Back online

Here ends our guide on how to resolve error code CE-108862-5 that appears on PS5. We hope that our advice has been useful to you and that you have finally managed to go back to playing online with your PlayStation 5.

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