PS5: new colors are coming for DualSense controllers and covers!

PlayStation announces new colors for DualSense controllers and new covers for PS5: they will be available from 2022

It has just been announced on the official PlayStation site that PS5 will soon have new colors for its DualSense controllers and new covers combined. The Sony branded console has reached a considerable number of pieces sold, and in PS More this month includes some pretty important titles for the next-gen.

PS5: here are the new colors of the DualSense controllers and covers!

PlayStation has therefore announced the new ones colors PS5 DualSense controllers and covers: the version already existed Cosmic Red e Midnight Black, in addition to the classic white one. To these three colors are added Nova Pink (fuchsia access), Starlight Blue (deep blue) e Galactic Purple (deep purple). This represents one Announcements for the manufacturer, which after focusing on the black color for the previous consoles (starting from the PS2) had opted for the White for the launch of PS5. The covers will be available for both the Ultra HD Blu-Ray version and the digital version:

So when will they be available? PlayStation claims that the new colors inspired by the galaxy will be on the market from 2022. As for the versions Cosmic Red e Midnight Black, will arrive on the shelves from the next January (also in Italy, as the company confirmed); if you absolutely want the new galactic colors, you will have to wait for the first half of 2022. It was announced that, for those living in the USA, UK, France and Germany, the DualSense controller in Galactic Purple will be available from January 14th (while stocks last). Which color will you take? Will you wait for the galaxy-inspired version, or do you prefer the original one?

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