PS5: The latest sales figures, broken the record of another Sony console

A well-known site has shared the PS5 sales figures and it seems that the data is very positive when compared to other Sony consoles

PS5 is currently on par in terms of sales with PSVita in Japan; Sony’s next-generation console exceeds one million. As highlighted by @GameDataLibrary on Twitter, PS5 is currently selling just as quickly as Sony’s latest handheld console during its 2011 launch in Japan. In a spreadsheet attached to the tweet shared by GameDataLibrary, we can see that, in fact, both PS5 and PS Vita have employed 43 weeks to reach the million of units sold in Japan. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

PS5: excellent sales, but Nintendo consoles still hold the absolute record

And when the sales from PS5 are compared to other PlayStation consoles? What data emerge? Basically, from the same infographics we can see that PS5 is doing slightly better in terms of sales than PS4 which took 49 weeks after release to reach one million copies. However, the story is different in regards PS3; the latter sits just above PS5 in the table after reaching one million units sold in just 36 weeks after its release. Record numbers, in short, also given the decidedly salty launch price of Sony’s third videogame monolith.

From all this it also emerges that, in any case, PlayStation cannot hold a candle to Nintendo in terms of sales in Japan with most of the top spots being Nintendo’s most popular consoles. Nintendo Switch and Nintendo GameCube, to name a few, took just 17 weeks to reach the goal of one million units placed. The most impressive on the list, however, are Nintendo DS and the GameBoy Advance which took only four and three weeks respectively to reach their goal of one million units.

Perhaps Sony would have sold more units faster had there been no issues with the console supply. Due to a component shortage, which is affecting most video game companies, not just PlayStation, a shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles could last until 2023.

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