Psychonauts 3: Tim Schafer dampens the enthusiasm of fans

Psychonauts 3 seemed to be a practically certain chapter, given the excellent result of the second game; however, what the designer Tim Schafer declares could make gamers think again that they would have looked forward to it.

Psychonauts 2, a 3D action and platformer title with a crazy and at the same time fun and colorful character, was released less than a month ago, on August 25th. It seems the game has responded to wishes placed in the developers of the Double Fine studio, so much so that the reactions of some fans place it like a modern Psychonauts 1 that has reached perfection. This therefore explains why it is natural for many to imagine a Psychonauts 3 already in the creation phase. And this is precisely where the new claims of the game’s designer, Tim Schafer, end up being a cold shower.

Before Psychonauts 3 it is necessary to metabolize Psychonauts 2

Tim Schafer, in an interview at TheGamer site, says that for the time being there is no plan – not even hypothesized – about the creation of Psychonauts 3. The motivation is also quite simple: Psychonauts 2 has just been released, after being announced at the 2015 Game Awards, so with six years of development behind it. It is not a question of wanting to end the series like this; is that after all these years of work on the second chapter, Psychonauts 3 it does not want to be a subject of discussion. The perplexed designer wonders if fans had fully completed the game, as they were already asking about a sequel. This doubt of his could be considered a dig at the players, who seem to demand everything immediately.

Psychonauts 3: Tim Schafer dampens the enthusiasm of fans

But Schafer doesn’t like it, and while he denies that he doesn’t want to go ahead with the creation of a Psychonauts 3 in the future, he is also determined to look for new ways, through something new for the whole team. Only with time will we be able to see which paths the Double Fine studio will decide to take; now with Microsoft they have solid foundations on which to move in order to conceive totally new projects. This is a moment of breath, to be exploited to contemplate the next moves, which is why the pressures of the players are not well received.

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