Psychonauts: Double Fine is at work across multiple games

After releasing the third chapter of Psychonauts, the developers of Double Fine have already started thinking about creating new games

This year Psychonauts 2 came out, and while Double Fine’s game was received extremely positively by gamers and critics, winning the Golden Joystick Award for best Xbox title, even if it sadly failed to achieve major positions or accolades during this year’s The Game Awards. Either way, this factor certainly doesn’t spoil the opinion fans have of Psychonauts 2, but it sure could turn out a decisive element for the Double Fine studio, which already had in mind to put the series aside to focus on creating new games.

The new Double Fine games after Psychonauts

Therefore, while the gamers press the development team for news regarding a third episode of Psychonauts, Double Fine has made it quite explicit what the future goals it will pursue will be, through the words of designer Tim Schafer released a few months ago. In fact, he stated in an interview that there was no idea or concept for Psychonauts 3: this is because they were at a time when the game had just come out. after being in development for six years, and it was therefore necessary to “metabolize” Psychonauts 2, before thinking about creating another one immediately. Schafer also showed his determination to put the Psychonauts series aside to pursue new ambitions with the team by Double Fine, through the production of new games. These intentions were recently reaffirmed also in a new post in the Psychonauts crowdfunding campaign on Fig.

Psychonauts: Double Fine is at work across multiple games

Among the various points introduced in the post, the study talks about the plans planned for the next few years, now that Psychonauts 2 has been more or less officially “concluded” as a project of the development team, leaving out some rewards for those who supported him on Fig, and small adjustments to be introduced in the title. I study it now is starting to split into various teams in order to start multiple projects that, according to Double Fine, will be appreciated by gamers. After finally completing Psychonauts 2, the developers will be able to go back to following their nature, constituted by the pleasure in experimenting, exploring new ideas, gameplay styles and emotions. It is not yet known what the future might bring, but it is hoped that this will give the necessary outlet to Double Fine’s creativity.

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