PUBG Mobile: the Baby Shark themed event is coming

PUBG Mobile: in arrivo l'evento a tema Baby Shark thumbnail

PUBG Mobile has just announced a decidedly bizarre partnership, namely with the musical phenomenon Pinkfong Baby Shark. At first glance we are facing an impossible marriage, but the mobile game made sure that it worked properly once in game. The event, in fact, entitled Dance with Baby Shark, will give all players a themed emote and the possibility of obtaining skins inspired by the song.

PUBG Mobile: partnership with Baby Shark started

Thanks to this collaboration we will then be able to recreate the iconic dance steps of the song directly in the game, with the new “Baby Shark Dance” emote. It will also be possible to record and share the best Baby Shark Dance videos in-game on social media for a chance to win an exclusive item from the event as a memento.

The post must be public and contain hashtags #PUBGM, #contest e #BabySharkEmote. The winners will be five in total and will receive Baby Shark’s outfits. To prevail you will need to give your creativity in game, but be careful: it is possible to participate with more social messages, but only one, in the case, will receive the prize. Similarly, it is not possible to use multiple social accounts, under penalty of disqualification.

As if that wasn’t enough, players can also get various Pinkfong Baby Shark themed exclusive items including a Baby Shark, Baby Shark Pan, Baby Shark Set and Baby Shark Graffiti parachute. These rewards will be obtainable completely free of charge and, in some cases, will even be permanent if you decide to complete all the daily challenges together with your friends.

In short, if you are a fan of both of these universes, we strongly recommend that you participate. We remind you that PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free both through the App Store and through the Google PlayStore.