G-Gravity awarded the Complexdata startup

G-Gravity ha premiato la startup Complexdata thumbnail

G-Gravity, a phygital hub of innovation and a center of competence dedicated to Healthcare, has conferred on the startup ComplexData the “G-Gravity SUB2021 Special Award”.

An exclusive award awarded during the Meet in Italy for Life Science StartUp Breeding 2021, the initiative dedicated to the newborn entrepreneurial realities of the life sciences that provides skills, tools and networking to increase and fully exploit their business potential.

G-Gravity, as partner of the event, wanted to reward the deep commitment in the sector and the innovative idea of ​​ComplexData for the development of ARIADNE. The project consists of a computational platform capable of estimating the metastatic risk of tumors, while supporting the oncologist in the formulation of personalized therapy. ARIADNE has already been clinically validated for triple negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form, with high recurrence and few therapeutic options.

The startup, selected among the 15 finalists, is awarded one membership “Open Access” which includes access to the shared areas of the physical spaces of G-Gravity located in Milan, inclusion in the Community XKnow (digital hub of G-Gravity) and participation in activities and initiatives carried out with international partners. To complete the package also a mentoring path targeted.

“Since its foundation, G-Gravity has supported and promoted innovation and the application of technologies in the Healthcare sector” – he says Roberta Gilardi, CEO of G-Gravity – “AI technologies applied to oncology are a strong element of innovation and are bringing about significant changes in the approach to diagnosis and consequent therapies. In particular, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, it affects women of all ages and, in its most aggressive forms, is unfortunately still the cause of many losses today. It is an issue that touches many of us closely and I believe it is increasingly important to provide doctors with cutting-edge and precision tools to fight this pathology. Hence the desire to reward the project presented by ComplexData at the 2021 edition of the Startup Breeding of Meet in Italy for Life Science “.