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PUBG Mobile: the collaboration with Polaris arrives!

The world’s largest mobile battle royale joins forces with the leader in off-road innovation. PUBG mobile and Polaris team up to bring two new side-by-side vehicles

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Polaris Inc., the world leader in powersports, to introduce two powerful new off-road vehicles to the game. This new collaboration brings players the Polaris RZR, vehicles with unmatched performance to take on any type of off-road terrain.

PUBG Mobile: off road insieme a Polaris!

Players will have access to the Polaris RZR Pro R 4 in PUBG Mobile, the most advanced and best performing side-by-side (SxS) in the industry, offering riders revolutionary power and exceptional handling. For those who prefer a turbocharged engine, the Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 it’s incredibly responsive, extraordinarily agile and robust, featuring an active suspension system for maximum control. Holly SpaethVice President Corporate Branding and Partnerships at Polaris said:

On sand, snow, dirt or now in the virtual world of PUBG MOBILE, our creations offer the ultimate combination of style and performance. We are excited to introduce our vehicles to a new audience and can’t wait to see how players will use Polaris RZR models in the game to dominate the competition on the battlefield!

PUBG Mobile: the collaboration with Polaris arrives!

In addition to reiterating how important they consider this collaboration, it is emphasized that in addition to the release of Polaris RZR Pro R 4 and RZR Turbo R 4you can also unlock a Limited Edition Buggy inspired by Polaris. This off-roader, available in Blue Strike and Desert Blast colours, combines endurance, strength and speed. Perfect for gliding through the sands of Nusa or racing through the lush grass of Livik, the Polaris-inspired Buggy has been meticulously engineered to take on any adventure.

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