PUBG: New State, a new trailer shows the release date

In a new trailer, the release date of the next mobile chapter of PUBG, called New State, has been announced, containing decidedly more futuristic traits than the famous battle royale title

A new game had long been in the plans of Krafton and PUBG Studios, but it would differ from a PUBG sequel or an entirely different title, such as Callisto Protocol. The game in question, PUBG: New State, is indeed intended for land on mobile in iOS and Android systems, and was officially announced at the end of February of the current year, introducing the new setting and gaming platforms. In the last few hours, a new New State video trailer has been released, which among other things also reveals the release date of this more futuristic-looking PUBG than the original.

PUBG: New State release date revealed in a trailer

New State will take place in the not too distant future, to be exact in 2051. The game will lend itself to using a rendering technology “state-of-the-art” and to reproduce the same gunplay system that can be found in the PC version of the original game. In addition, there will also be a “unique” player recruitment system, along with a shop for drones, weapon customization and four maps, including a Troi set in the future and the now well-known Erangel. And that’s not all, because the developers also intend maintain post-launch support, which includes new content, improved gameplay and seasonal services focused on the budget of play style and fun.

The cheats will be fought as much as possible by PUBG Studios and Krafton, banning any unauthorized program, emulator, keyboard and mouse, also protecting the game code and detecting if any hacks are in place. The game has now reached the 50 million pre-registrations, and will be available on major mobile systems iOS and Android, with the release date, shown through a new trailer released recently by PUBG: New State, for 11 November. Before that, there will be a technical test from 29-30 October in 28 countries, including Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

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