Public transport: Italians believe that mobility can benefit from contactless payments

Trasporto pubblico: gli italiani credono che la mobilità possa beneficiare dei pagamenti contactless thumbnail

According to research conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Visaand carried out on a population sample of 3,000 individuals across Europeit appears that the 95% of Italians believe that the public transport can benefit from contactless payments. Let’s find out more information together.

Public transport and contactless payments

Together with the restart of the economic activities in Septemberpublic transport, which one third of European citizens has planned to use, is also restarting more over the next twelve months. Technology can represent a further incentive to regain people’s trust and bring them back to public transport.

This is what the data emerging from a research conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Visa and carried out on a population sample of 3,000 individuals throughout Europe. Approximately 95% of Italiansindeed, believes that i contactless payments have benefited public mobility. 63%, on the other hand, say that the sustainability is a key factor in choosing to use it.“

According to Visa research, the 41% of the Italians interviewed regularly use public transport. Half use them for daily commissions, 35% for travel and 42% for free time. In particular, beyond the 50% of Generation Z uses public transport for all activities.

Among the Italians involved in the research, 39% prefer to pay public transport via contactless o mobile device. 49% of respondents say i contactless payments they are more convenient. Also of a good standard the interest registered in terms of sustainability. For about 63% of the Italians surveyed, the environmental impact is a key factor when it comes to choosing whether to travel on public transport.

Visa works with local authorities in 100 of the largest urban areas in Europe, including Milan, Rome, Turin, Paris, London, Warsaw, Madrid, Porto, to support urban mobility initiatives. In particularItaly stands out for being among the countries in Europe with the largest number of cities where contactless access to public transport is possible.

Finally, precisely with regard to electric mobility, Visa is working with the various players of the ecosystem to develop one electronic payment standard for the use of electric refills.