iOS 16: iPhone battery shows problems after installation

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iOS 16 has been available for about two weeks, and throughout that time users have never stopped complaining that the update has greatly reduced battery life iPhone. Although an impact on the battery is quite natural, this time Apple would seem to have to justify a very different problem.

iOS 16: iPhone battery still shows problems

IOS updates always have a temporary impact on battery life immediately after installation, is undeniable. This is because iOS performs a variety of background tasks such as re-indexing files, photos, apps, and more. In general, this leads to a series of complaints that disappear after the update has finished its work. This year, however, the complaints have not subsided, and many users are convinced that iOS 16 has it completely destroyed the battery of your iPhone. And that only adds to the conspiracy theories that Apple purposely reduces the battery life of older iPhones to boost iPhone 14 sales.

In a poll conducted by 9to5Mac last week, the 63% of users of the iPhone said that the battery life has deteriorated after the installation of iOS 16. A figure that does nothing but comment on what has been reported by users on the Net in recent weeks. “The consumption of my battery is much higher than what I usually had – writes a user on Reddit -. I work in the office and don’t use my 13 PM much during the day, and nothing has changed in my behavior. On iOS 15 I mostly went home with between 85% and 90%. With iOS 16 it is between 65% and 75%. This is in my opinion a LOT when I hardly use my phone “. On the other hand, everything is silent on Apple’s part. Although the company has already released iOS 16.0.2 to the public, but without mentioning the improvements in battery life.