QuakeCon 2021: announced the dates of the event in streaming

Bethesda just announced QuakeCon 2021 dates; also this time, as expected, the event will be held only in streaming

Bethesda Softworks announced the return of the QuakeCon with this year’s event (the 2021) to be held in date from the 19 al August 21. However, as conceivable, it will be an exclusively digital showcase to maintain the “continuous safety of staff, volunteers and the community”. After all, last year’s show also took place exclusively in streaming due to the pandemic COVID-19, which remains a constant concern. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

QuakeCon 2021: for now only the dates are known, what should we expect about the event?

More details on the event of the QuakeCon 2021 as giveaways, lineup and more will be revealed in June, so for now we have to settle for date. In terms of new announcements, it should be interesting to see what’s in store. The Ancient Gods – Part 2 of DOOM Eternal, released recently, completed the current expansion pass and base game story.

QuakeCon 2021: announced the dates of the event in streaming

However, the first-person shooter will receive more updates this year, and creative director Hugo Martin has expressed interest in having a playable female Slayer. We hope to learn more about the update of DOOM Eternal per Xbox Series X / S e PS5, which are still in the works, and a release date for expansions on the Nintendo Switch. Regarding Bethesda Game Studios, you will probably be interested to know that the software house has a mysterious new game in the pipeline and that The Elder Scrolls 6 will hardly be an exclusive to Microsoft consoles (according to the company’s CEO).

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