QuakeCon 2021: here are the times of all the live shows!

Through a press release, Bethesda has announced all the times of the various direct that will make up the next QuakeCon 2021, which will start next week

There is now about a week left for QuakeCon at Home, the online event that wants to bring the spirit and fun of the Bethesda conference directly into the homes of all fans (damn pandemic!). After having revealed, some time ago, the complete program, Bethesda through a press release has this time communicated the times of all the various direct that will make up the event. The party will start with a short welcome message on August 19th from 8pm and, during the first day, the developers will discuss the news and anniversaries of their most popular games such as Quake or Skyrim. During the second and third days, however, there will be conferences from around the world with various charities, community events, guests of honor and much more.

You can find more detailed information directly on the QuakeCon website. Before moving on to the complete program of the various days, we remind you that QuakeCon 2021 will support several local and global charities. As spectators you can make official direct donations, the proceeds of which will be donated to organizations such as Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC), NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The Trevor Project and UNICEF. Additionally, QuakeCon also supports two animal charities, Dallas Pets Alive and FOUR PAWS.

QuakeCon 2021: here are the times of all the live shows!

QuakeCon 2021: here is the complete program with all the schedules of the live!

Let’s see together the complete program for the day of Thursday 19 August:

  • Ore 20: Welcome to QuakeCon 2021 with Pete Hines and Erin Losi
  • Ore 20.05: Celebrating 25 Years of Quake – with id Software and Machine Games
  • Ore 20.30: Deep Dive into DEATHLOOP – (Un tuffo in DEATHLOOP) con Arkane Lyon
  • Ore 21: Fallout 76: Making Appalachia Your Own – (Fallout 76: Personalizza l’Appalachia) con Fallout Worlds
  • Ore 21.30: Inside the Award-Winning The Elder Scrolls Online – (I retroscena del pluripremiato The Elder Scrolls Online) con Zenimax Online Studios
  • Ore 22: Reliving the Opening of Skyrim – (Relive the beginning of Skyrim) together with its creators of BGS
  • Ore 22.30: DOOM Eternal Studio Update – (Update on DOOM Eternal) with Marty and Hugo

We continue with that of Friday 20 August:

  • Ore 20.15: DEATHLOOP Meets its Makers – (DEATHLOOP incontra i suoi creatori)
  • Ore 21.30: WeRateDog’s Matt Nelson and Pete Hines Rate Dogs & More – (WeRateDogs’ Matt Nelson and Pete Hines rate dogs and more)
  • Ore 22.15: Code Orange vs Quake Music Video Debut – (Premiere of Code Orange vs Quake music video)
  • Ore 23: Alienware – Fundraising and Raising Heck – (Alienware – Fundraising) with Anna Maree
  • Ore 00.30 (sabato 21 agosto): The Elder Scrolls Online – Dungeon Speed Run Competition – (The Elder Scrolls Online – Sfida speedrun di dungeon)
  • Ore 02.00 (Saturday 21 August): Exclusive Musical Performance by Trivium – (Exclusive musical performance by Trivium)
  • Ore 03.00 (Saturday August 21): Skyrim – 10th Anniversary Interactive Fun Run – (Interactive Fun Run for Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary) starring Gus Johnson

And finally, here is the live program of Saturday 21 August:

  • Ore 20.15: DOOM Eternal BATTLEMODE Community Bonanza! – (DOOM Eternal: Sfida della community in modalità BATTLEMODE!)
  • Ore 21.30: Fallout 76 – C.A.M.P. Love It or Nuke It  – (Fallout 76 – C.A.M.P. Love It or Nuke It)
  • Ore 22.45: Quake World Championship Grand Finals – (Gran finale Quake World Championship)
  • Ore 00.30 (domenica 22 agosto): The Elder Scrolls Online – Live Art Creation – (The Elder Scrolls Online – Arte in diretta)

And here is the complete program with all the live broadcasts of the next QuakeCon 2021. Will you follow the event? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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